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Sony 8 GB Classic(Black)+Sony 8 GB Classic(White) Pen Drive

Sony 8 GB Classic(Black)+Sony 8 GB Classic(White) Pen Drive

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Overview: Sony 8 GB Classic

If you are looking for a superior quality and advanced pen drive, you can opt for the Sony 8 GB Pen Drives (1 Black+1 White). The pack of this Sony pen drive includes two 8GB Classic pen drives. These pen drives from Sony can provide sufficient back-up for all your essential files and make your computing and data storage easier than before. This Sony pen drive will surely satisfy you with a fast and superior performance for a long period of time. The Sony pen drives come in a stylish and scientific design that can be easily kept inside your shirt pocket. The pen drives can store ample data and provide you a reliable data back-up all the time. What are you waiting for? Place your order for this premium quality pen drive online at the earliest. The features and specifications of this pen drive are described below so that before you purchase it, you can have a clear idea of its utility and quality.

Compact Design: The Sony 8 GB Pen Drives (1 Black+1 White) is compatible with any laptop or computer that has a slot for pen drives. This pen drive comes in a sleek and stylish design that makes it a perfect device for those, who have a fetish for attractive gadgets. The capless design of this pen drive makes it easy to use as you won't have to worry about the loss of the cap. If you are using a high-quality laptop or PC, this pen drive is an ideal device to trust. It has dimensions of 19., 8 x 8. 5 x 55 mm and weighs approximately 9 g. The pen drives come in the classy shades of white and black. The casing is designed with a matte finish that enhances its look. The matt finished casing makes the device look elegant and also protects the interior from minor damage. The smooth polished surface and the Sony logo accomplishes its over-all design. This pen drive is designed with a loop that can be used to attach this pen drive to another device with the help of a chain or thread.

Vast Storage Capacity: With this pack of Sony 8 GB Pen Drives (1 Black+1 White), you can add more storage and enjoy all the photos, videos, games, and music you love. Each pen drives in this pack provides a huge storage space of 8GB, where you can store around four to three thousand songs in it, if each song is about three and a half minutes long. The number of songs you can store depends upon the bitrate of songs, which affect the overall audio quality of songs. Therefore, if you download and store songs that are recorded at 128 Kbps, the maximum number of songs that you will be able to store will be around 2,500. You can click and store around four thousand high quality photos in this pen drive. If the picture quality is high, the lesser number of photos you can store. You can also download above 8 hours of video in this pen drive. Moreover, you can store multiple high-quality games and play them whenever you want. The 8 GB pen drive will let you enjoy all your favourite games, songs, videos and pictures whenever you want. You can also carry your office assignments and presentations in it and have a seamless and exciting work experience.

Fast Data Transfer: This Sony pen drive can transfer data at faster speed than the ordinary pen drives available in the market. This pen drive uses the USB 2.0 connectivity and thus can transfer large sized files within few minutes. This pen drive is also backward compatible with USB 1.1 port. If you have an urgent office presentation or other important files to be transferred immediately, you can count on this Sony Classic pen drive.

Compatibility: The Sony 8 GB Pen Drives (1 Black+1 White) are compatible with numerous devices that have slot for USB 2.0. This pen drive is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3 or later), Mac OS X etc. operating systems.

Extremely Durable: This pen drive from Sony can withstand harsh operating and weather conditions. Therefore, you need not worry at all about the quality of this pen drive. This pen drive is extremely light-weight and you can carry this device wherever you want with you and can be rest assured of its superior performance in every weather condition. The operating temperature range of this pen drive is 0 - 35° and operating humidity range is 10 - 90 % (with no condensation). The storage temperature range of this pen drive is 20-60° .

Easy User Interface: This pen drive is very easy to use and maintain. It doesn't require any installation. All you need is to plug it in with your gadget and it will be automatically read by your pc or laptop. When you will connect this pen drive to your device, you will find a new folder under My Computer. The empty folder can be used to keep all your essential files inside it and the files will be automatically saved in this pen drive. When you will connect this pen drive with another device, the files will be shown in that folder and you can have access to edit the folder and delete the files whenever required. Sony offers you a standard 2-year manufacturing warranty for this pen drive that is valid from the date of your purchase. Therefore, go ahead and buy online this pen drive combo pack at the earliest and enjoy non-stop entertainment with this device. You can gift one pen drive from this pack and keep one for yourself. This pen drive can be an ideal gift item on any occasion.

About the Brand: Sony is a Japanese multinational brand that manufactures superior quality electronic gadgets such as television sets, music system, smartphones, pen drives etc. This brand has achieved a worldwide superior position in the consumer electronics industry. The research team of Sony has introduced a unique range of pen drives that are durable and advanced. As Sony has numerous outlets and service centres across the country and the world, you can be assured of the best service for your Sony gadgets. Hence, you need not worry about the quality and longevity of this product.

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