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Ra.One (PS3)

Ra.One (PS3)

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Overview: Ra.One

Sony brings to you this exciting game, Ra.One (PS3). It is an exciting sci-fi video game that will keep you mesmerised for hours. The game is based on the 2011 sci-fi movie Ra.One featuring Shahrukh Khan. The game has 6 characters from the Ra.One universe and this PS3 has 10 different destructible arenas. It offers cutomised multiplayer support and features a unique fighting system to respond to catastrophic attacks. The game has interesting fights, costume characters and special features. It takes off from where the movie ended and watching the movie comes handy while playing this game, especially if you are playing to win.

The game allots goals to individual player or teams. All the players or teams try to attain their goals while blocking others from reaching theirs. Players have to search for items that would increase their power and they also look for weapons to add to their arsenal. When a player reaches his goal he can go to the next level. The players fight one-on-one in the video game. They can have fast paced light attacks or slow paced heavy attacks. They have access to a variety of weapons, even swords. They also have energy shields to defend themselves from an attack. It has a single player, linear mode story line. The visuals use a comic book style and the video characters are inspired by the ones in the film. The game offers custom made matches where 2 players can play against any 2 AI (artificial intelligence) players. There are different types of matches too. These range from one-on-one matches to fighting an army of 100 AI players to surviving Ra.One. You can even create your own story mode and unlock extra content. So why wait anymore? Not only is it fun to play it will help you enhance your gaming skills too. Buy it online today!

Game specifications

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Category: Games

Video Encoding: PAL

Genre: Action

Mode: Single-Player

Platform: PS3

Title: Ra.One

Features: Ra.One

  • Platform : PS3 Game
  • Gener : Action

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