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Heavy Rain (PS3)

Heavy Rain (PS3)

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Overview: Heavy Rain

Are you bored of playing the same games over and over again? Tired of playing the same old racing games? All video game aficionados find themselves in this spot at some point or the other. Perhaps you should try a different genre of gaming! The Heavy Rain (PS3) is a great option for you, if you're interested in playing a game that doesn't come under the norm. It is best described as a psychological crime thriller.

Realistic plotline

This game has a very engaging plotline. Several games out there compromise on this very vital aspect of gameplay. They put in a lot of effort into making sure the graphics turn out great, but fail to see if their story makes sense. In Heavy Rain, you'll see a believable storyline and characters. The game is adult themed, and is multifaceted as well. There are several concepts like love, violence and sacrifice. The psychological drama that unfolds is sure to draw you right in. You should also know that this game is brutal in the sense that, if a character dies, then he/she stays dead. That's right - no extra lives or cheats!

Great visuals

This is not to say that the game compromises on graphics or visual effects. Quite the opposite! The creators have gone to great lengths trying to bring to you a great gaming experience. Within minutes of starting the game, you'll notice how the features of the characters look very real and life like. This is sure to add a whole new level of fun to your video game time! The game uses advanced technology to make sure the graphics seem as real as possible. The action sequences are quite a treat for the techno-lover's eyes. The animation is sophisticated and of high quality. It's almost like watching a movie - only better, as you shape the story's outcomes with interactive gameplay.


It may sound like this game is for the advanced level gamer. However, this is not true at all. It doesn't matter if you're new to gaming and trying out different things. This game can be played by just about anyone. The easy controls won't take long to master, and you'll be comfortable playing this game before you know it. You can be sure you won't lose interest, thanks to all the time based challenges you'll face! You can be truly in sync with your character. The controls respond intuitively, and you can do exactly what you want with the simple touch of a button. Exploring a digital world has never been so much fun before - it'll almost be like you're there!

Everyone likes light games. They can offer hours of satisfactory entertainment. But if you're looking for something more, then a game like Heavy Rain (PS3) will be perfect for you. It's more than a video game in the sense that it explores some very powerful themes. The underlying tone of the game is dark and intense. So if you think you're up for that, then go ahead and order this PS3 game today!

Features: Heavy Rain

  • Heavy plotting: A dark, adult-themed thriller with believable characters and a captivating plot full of love, violence and sacrifice
  • Virtual luvvies: Breakthrough facial animation features the most realistic virtual actors ever seen, each capable of mimicking real and varied emotions
  • Consequences: If a character dies they stay dead - no extra lives or continues, just an organic plotline with multiple different endings
  • Quick Time: Intense action sequences that anyone can play, with simple controls and fast-paced against-the-clock challenges
  • Conscious action: Unique control system lets you see what your character is thinking as they explore the world - and then act on it with a press of a button
  • A unique emotional experience that makes you feel as if you IN a psychological crime thriller
  • Stunning graphics, animation and technology combine with a strong narrative that delivers a movie-like experience
  • Mature content, reflecting a realistic world setting that explores powerful themes
  • Accessible gameplay via intuitive, contextual controls and interface

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