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Sony Alpha A5000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm E-Mount Lens White,- Bundle With Sony 16GB Class 10 SDHC Card, LowePro REZO TLZ-10 Holster Case, Cleaning Kit, Pro-Optic 40.5 UV MC Filter
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Sony Alpha A5000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm E-Mount Lens White,- Bundle With Sony 16GB Class 10 SDHC Card, LowePro REZO TLZ-10 Holster Case, Cleaning Kit, Pro-Optic 40.5 UV MC Filter

Display Size 3 inches
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Overview: Sony Alpha A5000 Mirrorless

Now enjoy striking photographic expeditions at affordable price with Sony Alpha A5000 Mirror Less Digital Camera With 16-50mm E-mount Lens White. The silvery, smooth exterior is the perfect color that makes it stand out among the pool of other conservative digital cameras. Sony is one of the most popular brands among millions of photography enthusiasts around the globe, for eons. And this model of Sony Alpha A5000 is the true flag bearer of everything that one may associate with a Sony product- be it futuristic technology or cost-effective pricing. If you are a nature photographer - you will not find a better companion than this digital camera on your journey. On the other hand, if you are a professional fashion photographer who is on the look-out for capturing the freshest face of the year- Sony Alpha A5000 digital camera should be the ideal buy for you.

This item is available in If you are planning to purchase it from there, please refer to the ISBN code B00ID363S4 to know more about it.

What You Get

Sony Alpha A5000 is an impeccably powerful mirror less digital camera which is as lightweight as your Smartphone. Time and again, Sony revolutionized the world of photography with its eye-popping attributes. The USP of this digital camera lies with the fact that- it brings about the best of both the worlds i.e. Compact cameras and DSLR cameras, on the table. The distinguished interchangeability feature of the lens makes this digital camera supremely adaptable. The versatility of interchangeable E-mount lens of this digital camera will gel seamlessly with other compatible cameras.

Being the mirror less digital camera, though you will not get any optical viewfinder here, but the other positive points will compensate for more than that. In a traditional digital camera, whenever the shutter gets activated, it creates an annoying noise; but not here. With Sony Alpha A5000 digital camera, the noise will be minimal as there is no mirror reflex viewfinder. So you can go on a peaceful snapping-spree or a full HD movie recording which will remain as noiseless as possible.

This item is sold at at Rs.46, 000. This is the lowest possible price you will ever get for this product in the whole e-commerce zone. So if you are looking for the best economical deal on a digital camera, then go for Sony Alpha A5000.


The smart and sleek design of this digital camera bears the symbol of Sony's revolutionary minimalistic approach. The control panel is really smooth and scores high on User-Interface. The frontal side of this digital camera consists of power leveler, built-in flash and shutter button along with mics. As it's a tiny camera, you may assume that the shutter button might not have the bestest grip. But it's not true. A quick touch on the shutter button will make you realize that for such a small size, this digital camera has an amazingly convenient hold.

The 180-degree tilted LCD screen, the control wheel and the menu key are on the back and they complete the awesomeness of this model to the T.


The forward-looking NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, that makes it super easier for you to share your photos and videos via a single touch- elevate the appeal quotient of this digital camera among the social networking crazy generation. Through some simple steps like- capturing the image on the LCD screen and then tapping the screen one single time, you can transfer your contents in other NFC-enable mobile devices for editing them and uploading. The desired combination of Wi-Fi and NFC will keep you one step ahead of your peers in social media.

Image Sensor

The hefty APS-C image sensor of this digital camera has single-handedly lifted its attractiveness. Whether the crystal clearness of the images, the superior sensitivity and resolution or the creative background - APS-C is the factor behind all of them, which have made Sony Alpha A5000 so special.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 暂无
Brand Sony
Model Number A-5000
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Display Size 3 inches

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