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Sony (NWZ-W252) Walkman 2 GB MP3 Player (PINK)

Sony (NWZ-W252) Walkman 2 GB MP3 Player (PINK)

Supported Audio Format MP3
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Product Description

The hallmark of technological class and status, Sony, brings to you a sensational pair of Sony 2GB MP3 Player which would take your experience of listening to good quality music to the pinnacle. This set comes in an attractive package and can be used to listen to music in style. The Sony Walkman MP3 Player comes in vibrant lime green colour and exhibits look stunning and will win you over the first time you see them together. The Sony Walkman MP3 Player assures over the top performance and in recent years it has been recorded as one of the bestsellers in the contemporary electronic arena. Buy the Sony Walkman MP3 Player online now and get it delivered to your doorstep within a matter of few days from the day of purchase. If you are a gadget freak then this Sony Walkman MP3 Player is a must have for your collection. This particular Sony Walkman MP3 Player has indeed overtaken the market of headphones. If you want to listen to music on the go and still catch all the nuances of the music without it getting distorted by ambient noise, then the Sony Walkman MP3 Player is the right choice for you. Hurry and grab it now.

Product Features:

This Sony Walkman MP3 Player emits stereo quality sound. The uniquely crafted design of the amazing Sony Walkman MP3 Player will catch your attention at the first sight. It is remarkable to find such an electronic musical and sound emitting gadget accompanied by such mind-blowing features. This is a must-buy for all music lovers. The body of the Sony Walkman MP3 Player comes in vibrant lime green colour and comes in compact dimensions. It is made of high quality material which reduces possibilities of corrosion and damage to a great extent in case of accidental falls, bumps and shocks. The Sony Walkman MP3 Player produce a complete round sound in your domestic ambiance and makes you feel as if you are actually a part of the song. On the Sony Walkman MP3 Player the brand logo is imprinted for additional brand authentication. This particular range of Sony Walkman 2GB MP3 Player is featured with hi-tech and advanced circuitry and chip-set system and provides high quality performance to you. The Sony Walkman 2GB MP3 Player features various options like play, stop, pause, rewind and forward. It holds a capacity of 2 GB and let you store an ocean of songs. Buy the Sony Walkman MP3 Player online.

Maintenance and Durability:

This electrifying Sony Walkman MP3 Player is durable and will serve your need for a long span of time. You only need to ensure that it is not kept unattended, in a careless manner, when not in use. Apart from that, this Sony Walkman MP3 Player comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Grab it now and discover the new age of crystal clear sound from the house of Sony.

The Headphone :

This Sony Walkman 2GB MP3 Player also have a earphone of premium quality which look good and last but not least, gives you access to your favourite music, whenever you want and wherever you are. This is a one of a kind pair of earphones which is the best possible accessory that you can get for your Sony Walkman 2GB MP3 Player. It is crafted and designed in such a manner that it effectively eliminates all outside and ambient noise and allows you to enjoy the true flavour of high quality sound. The pair of buds is adjoined by a long cable. It prevents chances of tangling to a great extent. This pair of Earphone is featured with premium quality silicon cushions which provide comfort to the user during long hours of usage. The feather-light weight of the earphones allows the user to easily plug it into the ear without having any uneasy feeling. This new age pair of earphones of the Sony Walkman 2GB MP3 Player features a high frequency and easily converts any sound energy to electrical energy and vice versa. In spite of being loaded with striking features, this pair of headphones is assured of providing the user with several years of hassle free usage. This pair of earphones is ideally meant for everyone who wishes to experience good quality sound and music. This electrifying pair of earphones is long lasting and would serve the purpose of the user for a long period of time. You simply need to ensure the fact that it is not kept in a tangled manner when not in use. Shop online for Sony Walkman MP3 Player today and change the way you listen to music on the go. Buy online. Order now. Hurry!

Product Details
Manufacturer SONY
Manufacturer Part Number p17806711d
Brand Sony
Model Number NWZ-W252/PM
Technical Specification
Supported Audio Format MP3

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