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Sony PS3 320 GB PlayStation

Sony PS3 320 GB PlayStation

Platform Playstation 3
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Overview: Sony PS3 320 GB PlayStation

Sony PS3 320 GB with Move Starter Pack Bundle (Black) is a great buy for gaming buffs. This starter pack is designed to help the players get playing soon after buying the console. The pack contains everything you need to be up and running in the video gaming world. The pack provides a good value for money and can be a great gift for people interested in gaming. Enhance the fun in your life with this starter pack.

Value for MoneySony PS3 320 GB with Move Starter Pack Bundle (Black) contains PS3 console along with a camera and controller. These accessories help in increasing the efficiency of the gaming console. The bundle also contains a Blu-ray disc, which contains nine demo games. With this bundle, you are all set to start gaming. The bundle is suitable for players with varied interests as the nine demo games cater to different niches. The bundle contains PS3 with 320 GB memory. PS3 is one of the most advanced gaming consoles around. The console is not only powerful but also has sleek looks. It comes with large amount to storage area to let you play to your heart's content. It is compatible with a large number of games. Most of the top games are developed for this platform and players do not have to wait for PS compatible editions to be released. The console has multiple uses. It can not only play games but can also be used for streaming other content such as movies, TV shows and other sports. It provides high-quality streaming, which looks good even on large screen TV. The games available on the console are of high quality too. It also comes with a controller, which is helpful in playing many games. The console itself is in the compact form factor, which makes it easier for the users to carry or store it. The console packs a lot of punch in its small and compact body.

Intuitive to UseSony PS3 320 GB with Move Starter Pack Bundle (Black) contains devices, which are easy to use as they come with intuitive menus. The console is easy to manage. Even a novice can learn to use in a little time. The device also rocks modern looks. It has sleek and simple lines. This futuristic looking console can add to the décor of your house. Add a touch of modern class to the atmosphere of your house. The console is lightweight and sleek. It is also ergonomic in design, so that you can play for a longer period without feeling tired. It is made from high-quality material to offer you long period of service. The device is also easy to manage. You can easily clean it with a cloth. Keep your console looking like new with only a little care. Its high-quality technology ensures that you get top performance out of the console for a long period of time. The console comes with a manual top loading CD tray for easy operations. It is also energy efficient and will help you control your electricity bills. This console can be easily connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and the connection can be used for downloading various types of the content. The console is very user friendly. The accompanying controller is highly responsive. It is used in playing many games and provides support for better gaming experience. The controller has sleek and ergonomic design. This aids in ease of playing and offers more pleasurable experience. The console can be used for variety of purposes including watching TV and playing other contents. This bundle will appeal to all the gamers, novice or advanced. To get this product, you can place the order online.

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Features: Sony PS3 320 GB PlayStation

  • Console Type:Home Console
  • Platform:PlayStation 3
  • Installed Memory:256
  • Gaming Type:Online Gaming
Product Details
Brand Sony
Model Number PS3 320 GB
Censor Rating U (Universal)
ESRB Rating Kids to Adults
Manufacturer Sony
Operating System Windows XP
Platform Playstation 3
Maximum Age 2 years
Minimum Age 1 year
Release Date January 5, 2007
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 3.2 kg
Product Dimensions 290 cm x 290 cm x 65 cm

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     Can anybody get me an answer for my question 19 October, 2012 On
    What is difference between "Medieval Moves Bundle" vs/and "Move Starter Pack Bundle" ?
    As I've seen two types of listing and not sure what to order and what will deliver.....only if they both are same then its OK else I've to buy it directly from Sony store in market.....
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