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Sony PS3 Move Starter Pack

Sony PS3 Move Starter Pack

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Overview: Sony PS3 Move Starter Pack

The PlayStation Move starter bundle is the best way for owners of existing PlayStation 3 consoles to quickly and more affordably experience Sony's new motion-controlled PlayStation Move gaming technology. The bundle consists of the cornerstones of the PlayStation Move system, the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral, along with the PlayStation Move multiplayer game. Bundle hardware is compatible optional hardware, sold separately, including additional Move motion controllers, the Move navigational controller and the PlayStation Move charging station.Affordable starter bundle for the Sony's motion-controlled gaming system, PlayStation MoveIncludes the PlayStation Move components, the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera peripheral, together allowing for the playing of any PlayStation Move gameThe PlayStation Move motion controller features standard PlayStation navigational button for easy in-game movement PlayStation Move is the world's most accurate motion gaming experience. The PlayStation Move starter bundle includes the building blocks of the PlayStation Move motion-controlled gaming system: the Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye Camera. Equipped with a three axis gyroscope, a three axis accelerometer and terrestrial magnetic field sensor, during gameplay the PlayStation Move motion controller tracks the precise movements and the angle of the controller, while the PlayStation Eye camera, aimed at the player, allows the PS3 system to detect the absolute position of the controller in 3D space. Together this facilitates the highly sensitive movement tracking and intuitive gameplay that projects the user on-screen and provides realistic and responsive movement and actions in-game. The PlayStation Move motion controller also features the familiar PlayStation controller button orientation, for seamless play from the very first use.

Features: Sony PS3 Move Starter Pack

  • The PlayStation Move starter pack contains the two key elements of PlayStation Move: The PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move Motion controller.
  • Containing sophisticated motion sensing technology, the Move Motion controller gives you an accurate and reliable experience complete with vibration feedback and a dynamic colour changing sphere.
  • The PlayStation Eye completes the experience by tracking the sphere on top of the Move Motion controller, making it that much more accurate. Not only that, but some games will use the camera to put you in the game.
  • Whether it's taking aim in The Shoot: Move, beating people down in The Fight: Lights Out or getting everyone involved in Start the Party: Move you can rest assured that every one can get to grips with PlayStation Move.
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Product Weight 3.5 kg

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  1.  got a ps3 got to get this... 30 December, 2013 On
    when this product was was like the price is like half.....
    u wanna sweat and stay fit and also game...get this move pack and feel the punch...
    dont believe me...see the add on the youtube video...
    i got this a year the title sports champ...and also the game the fight....
    i bet if you dont get body pain after the first few times u played it can call me and screw my happiness...
    this really works you out
    you can also play games like heavy rain of duty and shoot....kill zone also works great...
    buy this guys and you will love and also play games like paint and pets....
    dont think...better version of the v
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