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Sony PlayStation 3 500GB SuperSlim Console (Free Games: Motorstorm Pacific, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3)

Sony PlayStation 3 500GB SuperSlim Console (Free Games: Motorstorm Pacific, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3)

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Overview: Sony Playstation 3 500gb Superslim Console

Play numerous video game collections in this Sony PlayStation 3 500GB SuperSlim console and have unlimited fun.

This latest Sony PS3 offers unparalleled gaming and entertainment experience including a vast library of games; powerful online streaming services with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Vudu and also makes a great DVD/Blu-ray player. Optional services like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now gives you more gaming choices.


Perfect architecture with a ridged midriff and less internal volume has made this Play station series an ultra slim console, making it easier to carry around in your bag. A top loading disc tray for DVDs and blue ray discs slide from right to left manually or can be released by a button provided on the edge of the console. You not only get to have fun with full-time gaming, but also watch your favourite movies to your heart's content.


The console comes with a matte black DualShock 3 wireless controller which lets you play all the games smoothly. It is motion sensitive and has an intuitive control system. Jump up and down, turn left and right and rotate in the gameplay with this powerful controller, which also has a special feature namely the vibration force. With the AV and USB cables, you can connect to any audiovisual devices like the TV, projector, computer or laptop. Also, HDMI port is available, with which you can connect to HDMI-enabled devices like home theatre. A pair of USB ports are provided at the front with a system storage access indicator. In the back, ports for the AC adaptor, AV Multi Out, Digital Out (Optical), HDMI and LAN connections are available.

With 500GB storage space, you can store an enormous collection of video games. The internal components are almost the same as previous PS3 series namely the Cell Broadband Engine CPU and RSZ GPU, Blu-ray compatibility with 3D gaming support and the XMB interface. Get unlimited access to movies, music and TV shows via the PlayStation Network and Sony Unlimited services. The virtual controls in the Blu-ray playback mode is boldly marked, making it easier to view from a distance.

Free Games

This Sony PlayStation 3 500GB SuperSlim Console comes loaded with a pack of three free games.

Motorstorm Pacific: It is a racing game where you get to drive monster trucks, bikes, rally cars, buggies, mud pluggers and big rigs over rough terrain like deserts and islands. Make the game even more interesting as you venture into deep waters, run over factories and throw lava bombs to destroy enemy vehicles.

Uncharted 2: This is a third-person shooter game which has both action as well as adventure to keep you gaming all day long. In this game, you get to travel around the world to find the fabled Cintimani Stone and Shrangi-La in a race against the Serbian mercenaries. You can find many interesting weapons to destroy your enemies as well as the thrill where you get to solve the puzzles as you finish every mission.

Killzone 3: It is a first-person shooter video game where you get to fight face to face with the aliens in an unexplored territory. Use your skills and tactics to track your enemies and use new tools to blow them up.

This Sony's slim version gives all the features you need to make the most out of it and keep you entertained through your leisure time.

Features: Sony Playstation 3 500gb Superslim Console

  • Free Games: Motorstorm Pacific,Uncharted 2,Killzone 3
Product Details
Manufacturer Sony
Manufacturer Part Number Variant-psp
Brand Sony
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 34.7 cm x 35.2 cm x 11.6 cm

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