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Sony SA-D10 4.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)
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Sony SA-D10 4.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

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Wattage 70
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Product Description

Revel in the power of 4.1 surround sound. Make your home theatre experience that much more fun and amazing with the real effect of high quality audio. The trickling of rain, the loud thump of an elephants feet or the crackle of an ember rising out from the fire; will transport you to another world and make your movie watching experience complete. The essence of musical tracks, with each instrument playing at a different audio channel, gives you the feeling that a live orchestra has erupted in your very living room.

Be it the beautiful sound of Indian classical instruments like the veena or sitar; the loud, empowering sounds of metal and rock, you will truly feel magnificent in the presence of an all round musical influence. Each speaker is designed to create a rhythm that compliments the frequency of the other. Feel the bass in the beats of electronic music, host a party and become a DJ, with the help of the Sony SA-D10. Your guest would be blown away by the power of your speakers. Change the mood, lighten things up, enjoy a lovely dinner with your wife and create the ambience of French rivulet, having your meal at the banks of the Seine.

The unique quality and internal machinery of the Sony SA-D10 enhances the minute details of the music and re-engineers it for the best quality output. Designed keeping in mind the highest innovation is sound recreation technology; this product from Sony is a beautiful investment for the connoisseurs of music and movies. The rich feeling of clear audio and enhanced audio, makes the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

About the Manufacturers:

"Combining the talents of artists and engineers, at Sony, we seek to create exceptional products that touch the hearts of our everyday consumers." An unlimited passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Sony drives to deliver the best in new entertainment and personal experience through their quality products.

Product Description:

Sony's SA-D10 is a compact and well designed four channel mix audio sound system. The Bass has got internal sub woofers that provide the tub-thumping extravaganza that one hope for when you set upbeat music. You are sure to feel the drop in electronic sounds when the 70W output bass is given the stage.

The character of the 4.1 surround design put you, the listener, in the sweet spot; which means that you get to experience the VACS with it's digital amplifiers and incredible sound generation capabilities. Includes two right and two left speakers, that harmonize the sounds and maintain an all round balance. The advantage being that the effects of the sound on our mind creates an atmosphere. We feel the crouching of a character, the ruffling of his hair, even the touch on the skin. Behold the power of true entertainment quality audio.

Some brands have a reputation to savour. For such brands, the name tag in itself is credible enough to attract and lure tons and tons of potential customers. Sony is one such brand, as it fits the bill perfectly. Even after being in the industry for a long period of time, their level of consistency never drops. Which is no surprise, judging by their ever growing fan base.

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Product Features

  • No more worrying about rain or spills, you can even clean it with running tap water, Just don't submerge it
  • Allows you to wirelessly stream music through any bluetooth enabled device
  • The built-in microphone allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat
  • Features a rechargeable battery for convenient portability and extended playback time
  • Build your own ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience
Product Details
Manufacturer Sony
Brand Sony
Model Number SA-D10
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Technical Specification
Speaker Connectivity Wired
Wattage 70
Voltage 220
Connectivity Technology USB

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Awesome set for the money! Awesome speakers 18 October, 2013 On
    I bought the Sony SA D-10 yesterday after listening to it at the showroom. While it wasn't the best sound coming out of it there (because of the echo and lack of sound absorbing objects), I decided to take it home because it handled my music pretty well and it was the best sounding one within my price range.

    I set it up with my PC and I have used it for a day now and I have very few complaints. I will list the Pros and Cons below, but before I do that, I want to clear out a few things.

    While most of the previous reviewers have mentioned that it is not a 4.1 system, it can clearly be defined as a 4.1 system since there are 4 satellites and 1 sub woofer. The notation 4.1 is based on the number of channels, not how the channels are handled. Just clearing that out.

    And for the claims that Flipkart is posting wrong information, Sony advertises this product on their website the same way.

    1. Great sound, clear highs and great lows (mids could be slightly better)
    2. Remote control
    3. Great sub woofer
    4. Option for using a USB (though I doubt i'll ever use this feature)

    1. Doesn't support true surround sound because it works as a stereo system. (Though its great if you want some good sound for your desktop. To be fair, it is not advertised as a surround sound speaker system)

    2. If the main power is switched off, the system doesn't have any memory of the last setting, so the volume needs to be increased back to the regular level. (Not a big deal)

    3. No sub woofer level controller

    While there is no knob to control the bass on the sub woofer, I have found that the bass is set at a very optimal level and after listening to a wide range of genres (old school Hip Hop to EDM), I find that there is absolutely no need to have to change the level. The lack of this feature should not put you off these speakers.

    If you need to tweak any of the levels, the EQ on your audio device or PC should help sort this out. (Though you wont be able to do this if you're using the USB feature)

    Again, these are great speakers and work really well in small/medium sized room. For the price, I think they're great (I bought them for Rs. 5990).

    If you're looking for true and good surround sound, you're looking in the wrong price range. You should be willing to invest at Rs 13,000 at least for a basic good sounding surround sound system.
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