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Sony SEL 16mm F/2.8 DSLR lens
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Sony SEL 16mm F/2.8 DSLR lens

Max Focal Length 16 mm
Min Focal Length 16 mm
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Product Description

When it comes to cameras and photography gears, Sony is undoubtedly the leading brand. The cameras and lenses from Sony click quality pictures. The SEL 16mm F2.8 DSLR lens is one lens you cannot do without. Apart from being functional it is also light weight and small in size. This means you can easily carry it around inside your backpack or camera bag. It weighs only 68 grams and you hardly feel the weight when you attach it to your camera. The SEL 16mm F2.8 DSLR lens will give you the same viewing angle as seen through a 24mm lens mounted on a full frame camera. It is the pancake design that makes this lenses ultra slim. Even when it is so small and thin, the photo quality is in league with most heavy weight lenses. The lens comes with one control option. You can manually focus and decide on the subject by using a rotating ring present near the front of the lens barrel. It can be used only during the AF mode to enlarge the field of vied and to decide how much of the scene you actually want in the picture.

A wide range of functions

The lens is designed for the new Sony E mount but can also be used in a full frame camera. However if you use this lens with your full frame camera prepare to get vignettes around your pictures. There is slight fading at the edges and depending on the type of image you want it can work quite well. But it will not look good if you are planning on family photographs or want completely sharp crisp pictures with no darkness near the corner. Since this lens gives an identical view like the 24mm you can very effectively use it with your NEX3 or the NEX5. If you happen to have one of those bayonet mount adapters then you can also mount the lens on it then attach it to the camera. You will get the effect of using a 20mm wide fish eye lens which makes for some cool photographs. Depending on how you mount it you can also use it to get an ultra wide angel lens of 18mm. So this little lens quite nifty and you actually get to click in quite a few different types of surroundings using this little lens. The pictures are decent although a bit soft. You can further accessorize the lens using filters and stuffs. The 49mm fits perfectly on this lens and can protect your lens from dust and moisture. The lens is not sold with a cap but you can get the 18-55mm lens hood quite easily from the market. It fits like a charm.

Fast autofocus and easy manual focus

The little device also comes with auto focus. So if you are in a hurry and may miss the subject, you can select auto focus to let the camera select the best focus for you. Since the lens is very small there is little moment for auto focusing. So it works very fast. You can sift through the whole range in no time. This results in some quick photographs and lets you capture the exact moment without hindrance. If you want to play around and experiment with the picture you can select manual focus to come up with different results and select the one that is best according to your choice. You can either buy this lens separately or get it with your NEX camera kit. If you are going to buy it separately there are quite a few online stores that sell this product. You can contact directly with the seller by using Besides contacting the seller you will also get to compare the price of the product and select the one with most discounts. The lens will be shipped to you your address and you will be able to order and pay from the comforts of your home.

Product Details
Brand Sony
Model Number SEL16F28
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Optical Zoom 0.1x
Max Focal Length 16 mm
Min Focal Length 16 mm

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