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Product Description

If you are a fan of high-bass music speakers and headphones, you should shed a moment to look up at the new MDR-XB30EX Extra-Bass Stereo Headphones. The elevated bass output of the headphones gives you rich sound output that will get you in the vibe for some groovy moves. The bass is enhanced and amplified courtesy to the power-packed sound drivers incorporated inside the headphones. The structure of the headphones ensures you derive a comfortable experience from the product. The cord of the headphones is tangle free and is complemented with hybrid silicone earbuds for a smooth music experience.

Dynamic in Design and Powerful Bass

Sony has developed the MDR-XB30EX with a neat design, and the remarkable layout adds to your comfort and convenience. The 13.5mm XB driver unit of the headphone will enliven your music experience with high decibels of sharp and clear bass. Sway to the rhythm of your favourite beats with this marvellous headphone from Sony. Another important aspect of this product is its Advanced Direct Vibe Structure and the energized neodymium magnets that crank up its productivity. Be it a busy street you are travelling through or a noisy market, the exceptional bass quality of the headphones will make sure that your music experience does not drop.

Taking care of your comfort

With most ordinary headphones even though the sound output may be right you still cannot keep them on for long since the sensitive ear parts start hurting. For this reason, the MDR-XB30EX has been developed with Hybrid silicone ear buds that fit vertically inside the ear. The soft silicone buds provide ample cushioning to give you a comfortable listening experience for hours together.

Tangle-free cord and impedance

It is absolutely irritating when the cord of your headphone gets tangled, and you have to sort out the knots. To ease out the problem of tangling cords, the MDR-XB30EX is provided with a special serrated wire that is also said to be tangle-free. For the purpose of an amplified sound output, the headphones are designed to produce an impedance of 16 ohms. The impedance level of the headphone is apt for low volt devices such as music players, mobile phones, mp3, tablets, etc. The frequency response range of the headphones is 4-24,000 Hz.

The MDR-XB30EX Extra-Bass Stereo Headphones is a remarkable pair of headphones to carry on a long trip where you know music is going to be your companion. The outstanding features of the headphones will give you a fabulous service for a long time, and you can trust in the quality of Sony. The plug of the headphone cord is gold-plated, and the cord is Y-shaped. The MDR-XB30EX is available, and you can purchase this product by ordering it online from Amazon.

Product Features

13.5mm driver unit

Hybrid silicone earbuds for comfortable use

Tangle free serrated cord

Advanced Direct Vibe Structure

Vertical in-ear

Product Details
Manufacturer SONY
Brand Sony
Model Number SONY MDR-XB30EX
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year Limited

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Good bass, superb design and no tangle 14 April, 2014 On
    Bought this last month-they come nicely packed in a rectangular plastic box with a carry case. I really like the carry case part, they are easy to carry in pocket with them. I have used them with my computer and mobile phone and the bass levels are far better than my old J01B in terms of bass.Hybrid silicone buds are really comfortable for hours of music- it also comes with extra set of S, M and L buds. Another good things is serrated cord- this is the first time I have seen earphones that don't tangle! They are sturdy too - once they got stuck in a bus seat handle and I pulled without realizing they were stuck and there is not a single mark on the cord. Music is loud and clear with high bass.

    Bass: 8/10
    Mid: 7/10
    Treble: 7/10
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