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Tekken 5 (PS2)

Tekken 5 (PS2)

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Overview: Tekken 5

Tekken fans surely have a good fight waiting for them with this fifth incarnation of Tekken - one of the most popular and iconic fighting games from the last decade. In Tekken 5 released by Sony for PlayStation 2, Namco in one fluid move has secured Tekken place as King of Fighting Games. With its new and improved combat system, interacting fighting environment and customizable characters Tekken 5 ushers a new dawn in the Tekken series of games.

More about the game

Tekken 5 is the latest introduction from Sony in the Tekken fighting game series and this ism, according to many users is the best-looking game in terms of graphics for PlayStation 2. The quality of the scenes is known to be truly amazing, and the quality of the character graphics is also stunning. For better gaming experience, the game comes with a range of difficulty settings. You can also choose characters those are either easy or difficult to play with as per your skill level. But even the easiest modes are pretty challenging, and you can never expect to button-mash to victory. Each and every character comes with specific talents. The players are required to spend a fair amount of time in the training mode for getting acquainted with the skills. Moreover, the characters are also revamped with plenty of new moves and animations. In this game, you will be seeing some of the finest martial arts action that you may have never seen in any PlayStation game including the previous Tekken versions.

When it comes to buying a new game for your PlayStation 2, Tekken 5 is certainly the most in-depth fighting game that is currently available. Just like its previous versions those sold more than 20 million copies all over the world. This game feels realistic and definitely is an irresistible attraction for hardcore gamers with a love for fighting games. Though Tekken 5 lacks a few popular game features like interactive arenas or online gaming but sheer fun you enjoy in the battles do certainly make up for that. For both veteran Tekken players and newbie gamers Tekken 5 is nothing short of a masterpiece and is an essential addition to every PS2 owner's library. You can order it online and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Features: Tekken 5

  • Platform : PS2 Game
  • Gener : Fighting

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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     Not just a rehash 8 February, 2013 On
    Tekken fans are sure to have a good fight on their hands with Tekken 5. I'm going to avoid saying that it packs a punch because that would be cornball but then again, so is the humor that courses throughout the game.

    Taking all the best elements of the series, Tekken 5 is kind of like the "best of" but it's not just rehash. It continues to redefine the series with new features while maintaining the elements that have proven universal appeal. Even though the series continues to evolve it will still be comfortable for loyal fans.
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