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Sony Wrist Strap For Smart Band SWR110

Sony Wrist Strap For Smart Band SWR110

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Product Description

When any product bears the brand-name Sony, invariably it's bound to be best in the market. So is Sony Wrist Strap for Smart Band SWR110. The functionality of Sony Smart Band is tracking down or keeping a log of your daily activity ranging from- checking out Facebook to how much you spend daily on work-out, through its wrist-worn unit. Sony Wrist Strap is the deserving companion of this Smart Band as with this Wrist Strap on, you will not only be able to monitor your routine activities all the more comfortably, but you can also be a fashion-icon as- the strap comes in three colors and it's smart silicon-made.

Whether you are sitting in the comfort of your drawing room or going out for a brunch with your friends, this Sony Wrist Strap for Smart Band SWR110 will one cool accessory to be worn. With it on your wrist, you don't need to wear any bracelet, cuff or other stylish hand-accessory. Coming in three bright, peppy colors, this wrist band will change your personal style statement. This product is available in If you are planning to buy it from there, then please refer to the ISBN code B00LVVDCZM to know more about it.

What You Get

Customizable, silicon-based wrist strap that complements the iconic Sony wrist-worn tracker SWR110 to the T- you can choose any one among these three vibrant colors, to reflect upon your mood that day. A quality product that will last you long, this wrist strap is quite easy to change. You just need to transfer the core unit and the silicon fastener from one strap to other.

This product is offered at the lowest price of Rs.990 in With its top quality and perfect metal finishing, such a reasonable price is rare to find in any other shopping site than junglee. If you are planning to gift something unique and cute to your friend on her/his birthday, then Sony Wrist Strap for Smart Band SWR110 should be the ideal choice, provided that the person concerned also possesses Smart Band SWR110.

When you order something metallic from an online store, the common worry remains the same- will the product reach at your door-step without any scratch? With's international standard packaging, you must be rest assured to know that, your item will reach your home safely and within soonest possible working days.


A minimalist, clean look that will give your over-all appearance an elegant and sophisticated look, this wrist strap score high on aesthetic appeal. Like its electronics products, Sony has manufactured this wrist strap with detailed precision and utmost care. This timeless piece oozes out an understated charm and you can pair it with different colored dresses on different days and each time, it will look that you have gone through a fresh make-over.


Silicon is durable, non-toxic and fashionable. If you are wearing a wrist strap for a long period of time, then it's imperative that the metal must be nontoxic; otherwise you may develop skin rashes and itching. With this top quality silicon wrist wrap, your skin is safe. And even if you playfully put this wrist on your kid, don't worry about the side-effects of the metal on the child's baby soft skin, as this metal is suitable for people of any age-group.


Vibrant yellow, enigmatic blue and pristine white- so far Sony Wrist Wrap for Smart Band SWR110 comes in these three colors. As it's stated already that these bright colors are able to lift up anybody's mood instantly, you can feel relived all the more, as these three shades are quite universal which means you don't need to spend extra bucks on your wardrobe. Your any existing dress will go well with any of these wrist wraps.


Silicon feels like a rubber-like element, so even if you drop it unintentionally sometimes, don't worry about the durability. It's a sturdy, well-built and long-lasting item.

Product Features

  • Comfortable silicon straps
  • Available in 3 Colours
  • Customise SmartBand to suit personal style and taste
Product Details
Manufacturer Sony
Brand Sony
Model Number SWR110
Technical Specification

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