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Sony Xperia M (Single SIM, White)

Sony Xperia M (Single SIM, White)

Product Specifications
Brand Sony
Model SNY_XperiaM_WHE
Operating System Android Jellybean
Internal Memory 4.0 GB
Color White
Display Size 4.0 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 5.0 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Best under 14k 11 December, 2013 On
    xperia M is my the third smart phone after Xperia x8 and Samsung galaxy but all of themXPERIA-M seems to

    be Competition killer. If you think Micromax

    ,karbonn,XOLO ,lava give better hardware then SONY

    is here to prove them false as Here is a review of the Xperia M: Xperia

    M is most beautiful design and the best

    looking entry level device .it is having aluminum ring at surrounding which make it luxury look.The 4-

    inch screen so it comfortable to

    use .it is very handy to use Xolo Play comes last in

    looks as having larger screen,Heavy,stock android ui,very bad handling. Where as galaxy core is average in design and look.DISPLAY: Xperia M

    has 16m colour tuft, PPI (245) and display good and sharp but XOLO T1000: has a MUCH bigger.

    Better,DISPLAY than Xperia M .galaxy core is not so good in display lower ppi than Xperia m and xolo play

    PERFORMANCE: Xperia M has the best

    performance compare to xolo play and Samsung core as the Xperia m have latest snapdragon s4 plus processor with good lache where as xolo have higher but older Tegra 3 processor


    XPERIA M have better UI compare to xolo play and Samsung core as it having theme option and Xperia M will get 4.3 update in 2014 where as xolo play and Samsung core will not get

    overall with jelly-bean(android 4.1.2), smooth UI

    with superb features like Mini-apps

    XOLO PLAY has a very old look like stock jelly bean no any modification where as Samsung have also great look but there no update so it also stand lower

    Xperia M has x-LOUD engine, +phase, sound equalizer

    And walkmann which make Sony best out of best for music lovers like me

    Where Samsung and xolo have very bad sound quality for same price range

    Xperia m also come in dual SIM

    Xperia m have good battery life with stamina mode than xolo and Samsung


    It's astute score is 11700 which is very good

    For this price as Samsung core has below 7000 and xolo have 13000 but xolo 'have very big problem in high temperature (heating problem) Compare to others


    Xperia m should be buy as it is branded and also very quick new android update and also good processor and at last it is best of sony
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  2.  An almost good Buy 25 March, 2014 On
    When this phone came out, I felt that this was the phone and then bought it. Now after almost 6 months, it's not that I don't like it anymore but I feel certain things are compromised.
    The screen is average. The display isn't bright and crisp as I would have wanted it to be.
    The internal memory is only 4GB of which you can use only 2GB. This makes it impossible to install any High Definition games.
    On the plus side it has got NFC and ANT+ technology. The phone is built solid and even looks good. It also can run all those HD games pity it's inbuilt memory isn't big enough to support those games.
    So those of you who want to buy a phone below 15k, go for the MotoG. Give this a pass.
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  3.  good smart phone 6 February, 2015 On
    this mobile is very good. i have this phone and i want to say everybody can take this mobile. because this is best mobile
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  4. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Nice smartphone 31 August, 2013 On
    So here is what I found out after using my xperia m for last one week..:
    1. No Restart Problems : Well, my xperia m never had any restart problem (except once when I was in metro at rajiv chowk, that would be bcoz of loss of signal underground.) .It never even hanged or something , even when I had like 10 apps running in background(Whatsapp, evernote, foneclay. Aldicko, etc..)
    2. Extreme Heating.??? No way : The phone DOESN,T GETS HOT as said by some here. Yes , it becomes slightly warm while playing games with whatsapp and downloading in background, but it never gets too warm even. The warmest I felt it was when I was playing TR2 while charging… yet I wasn’t what should be called hot.
    3 Camera : camera is what I would say is .. somewhat lacking. I have the c1904 model,the pics were good enough and flash does its job in low light … but camera is definitely somewhat lacking.

    4. Battery : About this, I can say that I played temple run 2 for about 1 hr yesterday (was waiting for train :P) and my battery dropped from 61% to 35% in that time. And I did notice that the batter drops about 4% for each hour of songs played. So far I can easily get 1 to 1.5 days of normal usage(web surfing, whatsapp, games, songs, etc)
    5. Display : The display is good, it is nowhere near terrible, but it isn’t also what u would call awesome, if anything, its quite decent for a 13 k phone. I haven’t seen galaxy core’s display so couldn,t compare with that. I would say ascend P1 has the best display in 13k range..
    6. Looks..: Well my white xperia m looks great , classy even..  None of that boring galaxy designs.. :P (Personal Opinion).
    7. Audio : Well .. its sony… what would u expect. The walkman app is grt. Headphones provided are decent enough, but if u are a music buff.. u would have to buy some expensive headphones . for normal guys.. the headphones provided should be enough. There is xLoud, clear Audio+ , etc .
    So to summarise it all my xperia definitely doesn’t have any restart problem , none of that extreme overheating, that I was seeing being repeated over and over here and overall I am quite happy with mah choice.
    For people saying that galaxy core is better than xperia m , well that would be saying like I would want a pc with Pentium 4 and nvidia 8400 gs rather than one having intel i5 and gtx, just bcoz former has slightly better display. Becoz display in xperia m is nowhere terrible and infact quite decent
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