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Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil, 30ml

Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil, 30ml

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 30 grams
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Overview: Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil

Safety Information

Not for human consumption keep away from eyes.


How to use Argan carrier oil? Argan carrier oil with a few drops of any Soulflower essential oil and use as desired. For best results use 1 to 5 percent essential oils say about 5 drops essential oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

People consider their hair to be a very important part of them. Looking after one's hair is a necessity if you wish to keep it healthy and shining at all times. Healthy hair goes a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair is always a priority for everyone. Well maintained hair is always considered a good form of daily grooming a sit has the ability to denote a person's personality and show how he or she takes care of themselves. Neat and well combed hair, along with clean and glossy hair always fetches compliments from onlookers. In order to maintain healthy and good looking hair, hair oils have been much in demand sop as to keep the hair smooth, silky and well nourishes. Oiling your hair is a must if you wish to improve the texture and appearance of your hair and prevent dryness. Keeping these demands for hair care in mind, brands have introduced a number of hair oils of different kinds that would suit the texture of all hair types, thus, impressing customers worldwide. If you are searching for hair oil that would suit your purposes and enhance the texture of your hair then this Soulflower hair oil would be the best choice. Buy this Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil, 30 ml online and look after your hair in the best way possible.

Product features:

Soulflower oil is a widely popular form of hair oil that has gained popularity amongst people world wide. Soulflower oil is another term used for argan oil that is prepared from the kernel of the argan tree that originates in Morocco. The oil is rare oil which is found in a small supply and is produced first hand. The soft pulp of the oil is stripped from its nuts and then laid out in the sun to dry. They are then gently roasted as a result of which the oil obtains its rich and nutty texture. A little water is then added to the roasted seeds and they are then ground into a thick paste which is then squeezed in order to extract the oil. Argan oil is chemically tested and comprises of a blend of fatty acids along with beign rich in vitamin E. The fatty acids of Soulflower oil makes it an excellent moisturizer which helps in improving the dry texture of hair and adds a beautiful shine to your hair. Soulflower oil therefore, is a good way of improving and treating dry and damaged hair. This Soulflower Oil - Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil, 30ml, would suit your needs and nourish your hair like you need, making your hair silky smooth and well hydrated. It can be sued on all hair types and for both men as well as women. This Soulflower Oil is free of alcohol and features a patented weightless formula that has no build up. The oil helps in softening your thick and unmanageable hair as well as helps in restoring its softness and shine, rescuing you from the occurrence of dry and frizzy hair that gives you a dull look. The hair oil instantly absorbs into your hair and helps in eliminating the frizz, in turn speeding up your styling technique by a margin of around 40%. The Soulflower Oil comprises of a unique formula which results in strengthening those who have brittle hair while also healing your hair. The hair oil creates an optimal balance for your scalp and hair. The hair oil also helps in protecting your hair against ultraviolet damage as well as other environmental factors. The benefit that Soulflower oil provides is that it is not oily and does not make your hair feel oily and sticky. Soulflower oil also provides a fine balance of nutrients and natural vitamin oils that go into making the hair smoother and shiny without making the hair have an oily appearance. Applying few drops of hair oil just after you have shampooed your hair would help in guaranteeing best and effective results. Make this Soulflower hair oil a part of your hair care regime and witness impressive results.

Benefits of hair oil:

Hair oil has a number of benefits that go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and well nourished. Oiling one's hair is a very good workout for your hair and keeps your curls strong and healthy. Oiling your hair regularly is a very effective method of treatment for your hair. It helps in preventing problems such as hair loss, frizz, split ends, thinning and dullness. Hair oil helps in keeping hair growth by increasing the volume of your hair as it is a replenishing agent which also helps in facilitating the circulation of blood, in turn relaxing you. It also helps in preventing bacterial and fungal infections by preventing the occurrence of lice and scalp irritation. Hair oil keeps your hair nourished at all times and prevents your hair from becoming brittle. Regular oiling will keep your hair tangle free and would provide luster to your hair. Oiling of the hair also prevents the occurrence of dandruff since it prevents dryness, which is a cause of dandruff. Oil also acts a protective sheath that prevents premature graying. With its numerous benefits, oiling your hair is a must to keep your hair healthy and well nourished.

If you wish to take care of your hair and keep it smooth and healthy, then shop online for this Soulflower Oil - Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil, 30 ml.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Soulflower

Type: Hair Oil

Main Component: Argan

Weight: 30 ml

Features: Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil

  • Moroccan Argan oil is the perfect serum for hair and skin
  • Face and Body : Use as a daily moisturizer, applied right after you take a shower in the morning
  • Helps the skin cells to function properly as well as regenerate
  • Keeps skin from getting dry and cracking
  • Perfect for both oily and dry skin
  • Hair : Soothes dry scalp and prevents frizzy hair, restores shine and luster
  • Penetrates easily into the hair follicles and cures split ends
  • Makes hair manageable and silky
  • Massage : Mix with Soulflower Lavender essential oil and use to get rid of any inflammation on your skin
  • Reduces aches and pains due to arthritis
  • Stretch Marks : Apply on stomach to help prevent stretch marks
  • Nails : Strengthens weak and easily breakable nails
  • It also strengthens the delicate skin at the root of nails and makes it smooth
  • Skin Eruption : Heals blemishes and prevents new breakouts
  • Reduces patches or spots due to acne, chickenpox and psoriasis
  • Anti-Aging : Reduces scars and wrinkles
  • It is also an excellent anti-oxidant, rich in beta carotene
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, rich in essential fatty acids, and contains squalene which can help to protect against any damage caused by free radicals
Product Details
Manufacturer P T Invent India Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number 8904134015522
Brand Soulflower
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Carrier oil, coldpressed carrier oil, argan, aromatherapy, Hair & Body oil
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 30 grams
Product Dimensions 4 cm x 9.2 cm

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