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Spaky Multicolour Plain Cotton Pack of 4 Men Shirts PL SRT 51 52 53 54

Spaky Multicolour Plain Cotton Pack of 4 Men Shirts PL SRT 51 52 53 54

Brand Spaky
Material Cotton
Size M
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Overview: Spaky Multicolour Plain Cotton Pack of 4 Men Shirts PL SRT 51 52 53 54

Ever wondered why the wardrobe looks empty every time you open the wardrobe to find a set of shirt and trousers that go with it? This happens because the shirt that you are planning to wear may not be looking good with a trouser that you have already planned to wear. To make the process easier, it is always better to have a few shirts with the basic colours that can be worn with any colour trouser. The Spaky multicolour plain cotton pack of 4 men shirts PL SRT 51 52 53 54 is a classic example of the same. It is available to buy online today.

Product Description

The Spaky multicolour shirts pack comes in a combination package with four men's shirts in it. The package has white, black, pink and peach colour shirts that are made of cotton and are plain in design. The shirts do not have any pattern which makes it simple and elegant and easy to combine with different colour trousers, whatever the requirement maybe.

Product Features

The Spaky multicolour shirt package comes in four different colours, dark pink, peach, white and black. The codes of this package is PL SRT 51 52 53 54.

All the shirts in the Spaky multicolour shirt pack are made with plain cotton. This is one of the most important features of this product since formal shirts are attires that are usually worn throughout the day. It is necessary for a person to wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and do not have any mixed materials that can make the shirt feel uncomfortable. The shirts have a normal formal cut which makes it suitable to wear at offices and meetings. These have matching buttons and the sleeves are also designed and cut in a manner that it reaches exactly at the wrist point. This makes a person easier to look at the watch whenever required.

Combination of Four Shirts is a Bonus

Many a time, we buy clothes that are simple and easily matches with the other clothes when combined to wear. There are some typical shades of shirts that can be worn with some basic colour trousers such as blue, black and cream. The peach colour shirt can be worn with a blue trouser and a dark colour jacket if required, the pink also can be worn with the similar combination.

The white shirt can be worn with a black or blue trouser which will look perfect for a business meeting scenario. The white shirt and dark colour trouser can be teamed up with a blazer or coat as well as a tie if the need be.

Black is a colour that is regarded as the safest of the lot. The black shirt can be worn with blue or cream colour trousers which can complement each other beautifully. A dark colour belt will also add charm to the entire combination.

Not many of the retail stores offer this combination package of four men's shirts together. But when you shop online, you might end up with such offers. The Spaky multicolour shirt pack can be bought online at a much affordable and discounted price without having to go to the retail store. This will save both energy and time and make shopping hassle free. Shop online for it today!

Product Details
Brand Spaky
Material Cotton
Colour Name Multicolour
Size M

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