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Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table Bed Tray Foldable, Wooden and Ventilated For Study / Reading / Eating / Craft-work

Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table Bed Tray Foldable, Wooden and Ventilated For Study / Reading / Eating / Craft-work

Brand Speedwav
Material Wood
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Product Description

Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table /Bed Tray Foldable,Wooden and Ventilated for Studying/ Reading/ Eating/ Craft-work

Have you tried all possible ways to work on your laptop in your home but just could not find the sweet spot? Well have you tried the cosiest spot in your home? Yeah your bed! Agreed it's not the most comfortable place to sit with a laptop...YET ! Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table gives you the comfort, luxury, convenience and the happiness to work from your bed! His multipurpose laptop table is foldable and can slide under any cabinet, bed or in between two cabinets. It is made of wood and has a royal look to it. It has cooling vents for your laptop, which allows the free passage of air to the processor of the laptop. It can be inclined at an angle for better viewing experience. It has some extra space on the surface which makes operating with an external mouse possible. Your work will be done faster and comfortably. It's dimensions of 55x36x5.5 Cm and a light weight of 2.5 kg make it easy to move around. The best part about this deal is the price. The Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table is a steal for the price. It would have been a value for money product even if you used it only for your laptop, but that's not where its utilities end !



Most of the students study on the bed anyways, but not in the correct manner. This folding table will make studying on the bed a comfortable experience. And just in case you need a power nap, well you don't even need to go far. It can be used for reading or for writing and this sturdy table can take the load of all your heavy books.


Like reading novels in the night? But can't find a comfortable position on the bed! Well this table can help you read more by stressing less. Its unique design and the angled tray make it a must have for all the book maniacs.


Now who doesn't like their breakfast or dinner served on the bed ! Surprise you spouse by gifting him or her a bed dinner. If food is the way to a man's heart one could only imagine what food on the bed could do! Have a bed date and enjoy a candle light dinner on the bed table. Now you can even watch your favourite shows on t.v right from your bedroom while having dinner or lunch. Eating was never so much fun.


Kids who are in school and need a worktop to make all the amazing craft work will be delighted to find out they can do it on their bed. The surface of the table can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and the drawers in the frame allow easy access to the stuff kids need for their projects.


The design of the Speedwav Multipurpose Laptop Table is classy and elegant. The wooden table is brown in colour and has a smooth surface. The drawer on the side allows you to store small things such as pen drives, scissors, c.ds, etc and the top hinges from one side to reveal a storage compartment underneath for your laptop cables, novels, books and other things you require on a day to day basis.

So don't wait anymore , Order this table at our special price , lay back on your bed, slip your feet under the table and make your bed your workstation.

Product Features

  • - Cuts are made on table to keep laptop cool & works as heat vents
  • - A natural way to cool OFF the Laptop without using electricity-GO
  • - Drawer on side to keep CD etc
  • - With Sidemini table for External Mouse
  • - Multipurpose Folding Table Multipurpose folding table is a perfect study table for kids. It is available in various angles for various purposes like reading / writing / painting / drawing etc
Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 22722
Brand Speedwav
Material Wood
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 7 Days Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2.5 kg

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Overall Rating 3.1 out of 5 stars
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