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Springwel Mattress Latex Foam Comfort Plus Spring
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Springwel Mattress Latex Foam Comfort Plus Spring

Brand Springwel
Model Number 187518977
Material Latex Foam
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Overview: Springwel Mattress Latex Foam Comfort Plus Spring

Do you often spend nights tossing and turning in bed because of an uncomfortable hard mattress? People who suffer from spondylisis find it difficult to sleep at night. Therefore, it is essential that you look for a mattress, which is made of soft materials to ensure great comfort. However, it is essential that before you buy this product, you should get some idea about what the product is all about.

Why opt for this product?

Springwel Latex Foam Mattress is quite stylish in appearance and offers immense amount of cosiness to the users. One can now sleep soundly, even if the person is suffering from a bad case of spondylosis. It is a 'sleep friendly' accessory that is an excellent amalgamation of comfort and deep down support. Made of good quality latex foam, this mattress ensures good sleep. A thick layer of natural latex is used as a main stuffing in the mattress to ensure a luxurious feeling. The thickness of the product varies from 6 to 8 to10". Pick the one that suits you best. Good quality jacquard material with chain stitched quilting is used to ensure durability. A Rubberised Coir Sheet of High density Natural Latex has been used in the mattress as a support. The product also features a good quality polypropylene mesh so that it acts as an insulator. The product can be replaced or repaired based on company's policy. The product has been designed in such a manner that the mattress does not tear easily. As it is made of good quality materials, you can ensure that the mattress will not be affected by bed bugs. However, it is essential that you keep in mind the fact that if any issue arises out of normal wear and tear because of misuse or mishandling of the product, it will not be covered under the warranty.


Owning a stylish mattress that ensures comfortable sleep is not everything. It is essential that you take proper care of this product. This product can absorb stains and odours easily and if you have any kid at home, then it is difficult to keep mattress in tip top condition as they have a tedency of spilling food or even ink on the bed. A clean and fresh smelling mattress allows you to sleep comfortably. Let's give you some idea about how to clean the mattress. You can spray a certain amount of baking soda on the top of the mattress and leave it for 30 minutes. In a way, this helps to absorb the bad odour. You can then clean up the baking soda and other dust particles by using a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Then, you can flip the mattress over and turn it a 180 degrees. With the help of water and mild detergent solution, you can remove the small stains. Once it is done, it is essential that let the mattress get air before you make the bed. You can take the help of a towel to soak up the liquid stains, and then air dry the mattress outside. You can also make use of a mattress cleaner to clean the mattress. So, if you want to ensure comfortable and relaxing sleep, then you can buy online.

Features: Springwel Mattress Latex Foam Comfort Plus Spring

  • 36'' X 72 "
Product Details
Manufacturer Springwel
Brand Springwel
Model Number 187518977
Colour Name Off-white
Material Latex Foam
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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     springwell latex mattress with spring support 7 November, 2014 On
    This is really very comfortable mattress as the latex is a natural material gives real comfort during sleep.

    The spring support is additional comfort

    realy very nice quality and brand, I enjoy the real comfort while sleeping.

    Fabric quality is great.
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