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Spy Gear Spy Night Scope
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Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

Maximum Age 7 years
Minimum Age 6 years
Puzzle Pieces 0
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Overview: Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

This Spy Gear Spy Night Scope is mostly attracted to boys. In this age of technology, kids love playing with graphics, videos and mechanic toys. Earlier, games and sports for kids meant activities which involve body movement and energy consumption. But nowadays the concept of stepping out of the comfort of your house and playing in the field no more attracts kids. Kids are mostly found hooked to their computer screens or their play stations. Kids these days have become way too smarter than the kids of 70s and 80s but in a way they have also become very lazy in their lives. However, this Spy Gear Spy Night Scope will help to sharpen your child's motor skills. It will take them out of their couches and help learn things by having a close view.

Little boys love to play games like car racing, bike racing, computer games and gaming consoles, but spy games remain to be their absolute favourite since ages. Keeping the love of spy and detective games in mind, Spy Gears have come up with this fantastic Spy Gear Spy Night Scope. This is a scientifically designed binocular for kids between the ages of 5 to 7 for their all time favourite spy games. Spy games are usually loved by young boys. In fact, these are not so high tech like pc games; hence you can play it whenever you want. They come along with a handy manual for easy and quick use of the binocular. Using the binocular is very simple so that kids who are not so interested in pc games or not yet very comfortable with technology, gets to play it. This spy game is way more better than computer games like cards games, Spanish Learning Games, poker games, solving puzzles etc. These days many companies are launching PC games with high visual effects. Therefore, it gets difficult for the kids to play them, but this Spy Gear Spy Night Scope is very easy to play for small kids.

The Spy Gear Spy Night Scope is light in weight and easy to use. You can use it both during the day and night time. The binocular gives clear and sharp vision in complete darkness. The 2.5X zoom red lensed binocular magnifies faraway objects for enhanced visibility. This binocular can also be used on excursions and holidays for viewing far off things. The binocular provides crisp and sharp view from a distance of 25 feet. There is an easy knob attached with the toy which can be used to adjust the crispness of the images. This toy is suitable for kids between the ages of 5 to 7. You can also play with your child and name him after a famous fictional character like James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. This way you will get to build a bond with your child and also expose him to literature along with some physical activity. This toy binocular from Spy Gear comes with a changeable 2 AAA batteries, which goes on for days without slowing the performance, hence place an online order for this toy binocular and surprise your kid!

Features: Spy Gear Spy Night Scope

  • The Spy Gear Night Scope is an essential piece of Spy Gear enhancing visibility of objects in both day and night.
  • The 2.5X zoom red lensed binocular magnifies faraway objects for enhanced visibility
  • The nighttime spotlight beam provides visibility up to 25 feet away. Use the focus knob to adjust image crispness.
  • The Night Scope is made for Secret Agents ages 6+ and requires 2 AAA batteries for operation.
  • Includes: 1 Spy Gear Night Scope, 1 Instruction Guide
Product Details
Manufacturer Spin Master
Manufacturer Part Number 6021568
Brand Spy Gear
Model Number 20062341
Colour Black
Maximum Age 7 years
Minimum Age 6 years
Puzzle Pieces 0
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty No Warranty
Technical Specification
Batteries Required Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5.7 cm x 12.1 cm x 14.3 cm

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