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Mensa Academy (PC)

Mensa Academy (PC)

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Overview: Mensa Academy

IQ games will really help you in working out the grey matter and makes it more active than ever!! Give your brain some exercise and play at the comfort of your home. You need not participate in any quiz shows or competitions, to know your level of competency. Fun, simple and easy to understand, this Mensa Academy PC game is apt for people of all ages. If you are a person who loves to be challenged, this game ideal for you. Learn is more fun and exciting with Mensa Academy in your hand.

Mensa Academy is the ultimate game to know where your stand in the levels of IQ. This game is a complete package of exciting and challenging mini-games. It is created in direct collaboration with Mensa, American Mensa Academy, and the famous global high IQ society.

Game Design

Feeling bored or nothing much to do or tired of those playstations? Give your brain a healthy workout. Also get your friends and family play together with you. This Mensa Academy PC DVD game is visually impressive with the humorous characters, colourful graphics and theatrical backdrops. There is no age limit for this brainy game. It is super fun even for the adults, as the levels get difficult as you pace up. You can play it alone or in teams as you like. You can learn, rectify, improve and try again as the levels are replayable. The game stores the scores that you approve to show up. You can play till you get the 100% too. Isn't that interesting? This game is designed to enhance your learning experience in a more enjoyable way.

Game Modes

This game features three fun modes to keep the players along its track, without making them bored. It engages and keeps them busy with the Play Mode, Coach Mode and Test Mode.

The Play Mode has over 100+ replayable levels of games, puzzles and challenges that are designed to test your grey matter. The mini-games or puzzles are divided into five sections such as numeracy, language, logic, memory and visual. Each section has 20 different levels. Each level is designed with complicated questions or some special challenges.

The Coach Mode helps you learn more and keeps your mind sharp and active. In this mode, you will be able to assess your progress and know where you are. You will be able to test yourself for three different medals. It is just like in other action games that you will play to get more medals. This mode also helps you get rid of the mistakes and to rectify your weak points.

The real tough and complex part is the Test Mode, where you will face challenging tasks. In this mode, 30 problems are presented, which are to be solved within in time duration of 15 minutes. You can skip the questions and move onto the next and answer them later. You don't need to answer all the questions to get the score.

Features: Mensa Academy

  • 100+ minigames puzzles and challenges
  • Fun for all ages
  • Play, test and coach modes
  • Genuine Mensa-style questions allow you to find out your Mensa Academy score today

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