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Thief (PC)

Thief (PC)

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Overview: Thief

Thief is the fourth game in Thief, a series of stealth video games. The game is developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. The Thief series comprises of The Dark Project, The Metal Age, Deadly Shadows and Thief. The game environment is set as a fantasy/steampunk world which resembles a combination of the late middle ages and the Victorian era. Thief supports first person gaming on PC platform. Sound effects form an integral part of the gameplay. This gives a realistic edge to the game indicating the presence of other characters nearby and also the noise made by Garrett when he moves around.

Thief follows Garrett, the protagonist of the story and a master thief. His city is under the control of the Baron's Watch who continue to instil fear and apprehension in the hearts of the townspeople. As the people decide to fight back against the tyranny of the Baron's Watch, Garrett finds himself caught in their struggle. The people are willing to go to any end to claim back their city and take away the control from the Baron. Garrett realizes that a revolution is the only way out of the situation. He knows that without him the fight would culminate in the death of many innocents. Garrett can trust no one but his skills and instincts while he fights against cruelty of the Baron's Watch.

Features: Thief

  • You Are Garrett, The Master Thief: Step into the silent shoes of Garrett, a dark and lonely thief with an unrivaled set of skills. The most challenging heists, the most inaccessible loots, the best kept secrets: nothing is out of your reach.
  • The City: Yours For The Taking: Explore the sick and troubled City, from its shady back alleys to the heights of its rooftops. Sneak into rich houses, Infiltrate the best-guarded mansions and lurk in every dark corner unnoticed and unsanctioned.
  • Choose Your Approach: Leverage Garrett's arsenal to take down guards with your blackjack, shoot one of your many arrow types or use your newly acquired focus abilities to manipulate the environment and outsmart your enemies. What kind of master thief will you be?
  • Unprecedented Immersion: Become one with the world thanks to ground-breaking visual elements and a truly tactile and visceral first-person experience. Through jaw-dropping Next-Gen technical possibilities, THIEF delivers unprecedented immersion through sights, sounds and artificial intelligence.

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