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Mafia II PC Game

Mafia II PC Game

Manufacturer 2K
Platform Pc
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Overview: Mafia II PC

Mafia II PC Game is a wonderful and adventurous video-game which was developed by 2K Czech. This game, published by 2K Games, was released worldwide on the 23rd of August, 2010. Mafia II was developed basically for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Having seen its widespread popularity, Feral Interactive released a Mac OS X port, in 2011. This game is sequel to another exciting video game released in 2002, called Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. This game is developed against the backdrop of Empire Bay, a fictional place in the United States. The story of the game proceeds through the city of New York, the suburbs in Chicago, the alleys in Boston, and the down-towns in Detroit. The story of the game is about a gangster who is fighting for supremacy, more power and influence. This PC game is as captivating as a crime thriller movie. If you are a video-game aficionado, you will surely love this exciting PC game, that helps one unwind after a busy day at work, or in school or collage.

A brief description of the game

This video game is to be played from the perspective of a third person. You have to chase other characters virtually on-foot or by vehicles. The character, to be controlled by a player is Vito Scaletta, an experienced fighter, who is strong, brave and has an indomitable spirit. Scaletta entered the darkened and seedy world of Mafia while struggling to pay off the huge debt his father left for him. His unlawful, subversive and criminal activities provoke the police and the executers of law and order to chase him, in order to arrest him. As the controller of Scaletta, you need save him from the police, from being arrested and punished. Make him run or rush or drive or fire_do whatever you can in order to save Scaletta, lest the police collar him. If you succeed in saving him, you win the game.

A game set in an old time

This Mafia II PC game is set in a world in the '40s. The featured vehicles have been designed keeping the period in mind. Here the characters drive vintage cars, old heavy duty containers, trucks and four wheelers from that time. Many of the car models are now seen only in old photographs, Hollywood movies and period dramas. Also, the background score adds a vintage feel to the game, and makes it all the more realistic. This game is available for purchase on E-commerce websites. You can order for this game straight from home on any of the shopping websites that sell this game. But before you hit the 'order' button, we will advise, take the help of to know which online seller sells your chosen game at the lowest possible price.

A graphical miracle

This game is a miracle of graphics. Every single frame is as lucid and clearly defined as a high-quality wallpaper. Playing the game is much like witnessing a real action sequence, where the characters, the vehicles, the trees, and the sky, look real.

Features: Mafia II PC

  • Title : Mafia II
  • Platform : PC Game
  • Gener : Action Adventure
  • Publisher : Take 2
Product Details
Manufacturer 2K
Operating System Windows
Platform Pc

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  A perfect mafia game! 28 August, 2013 On
    The mafia-2 have a wonderful storyline which is important for an openworld game and the main characters in this game are vito and joey. It portrays their story how they get into the real mafia world.The game map is enough big but the game ends quickly than expected and the free roaming feature is not available in this game but it's worth playing. This game is one of the best openworld games and open world gamers can go fo it. A good news for gamers is that mafia-3 is coming soon with all included features that are not in
    mafia-2. What a gamer can expect more than this?


    Great storyline.
    Best graphics experience.


    No free roaming feature.
    Short gameplay.
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  2. 1 of 2 people found this review helpful
     Way better than GTA!! 2 April, 2013 On
    Honestly one of the most enjoyable video games that I have played. Incredible graphics and attention to detail. A hundred times better gameplay than GTA. And a brilliant story line too, though the game is a little short, and a dedicated full day would do to finish this game. That however is if you stick to the storyline, and if you're about free roaming and exploration, then you can do all the things that you want in the world.

    I would suggest, must-buy, if you haven't tried this yet.

    And don't forget to turn on the retro radio when you are driving! :D
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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