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Find Squash Equipment Online on Junglee

The game of squash is considered to be one of the healthiest sports by many. It might closely resemble tennis and badminton, but it is an entirely different sport. When you want to shop online you can choose from a variety of sports good online at Junglee. Here you can refine your search depending on the choice of sport, Squash in this case, and select the accessories needed. While badminton requires a shuttlecock, and tennis calls for a hard ball; squash is played using a soft rubber ball. Squash racquets also differ in size and design from tennis or badminton racquets. On Junglee you can compare prices online and then buy squash accessories after selecting the best deals.

One of the reasons squash has gained prominence is the fact that it provides a complete cardiovascular workout. It is estimated that a single hour of playing squash can help burn up to a thousand calories! Further, since there is a fair bit of running around involved, players have to exercise both the upper and lower parts of their body. These factors have also contributed to the widespread interest in squash as a sport, prompting a number of vendors to come out with specialized squash equipment.

There are thus various brands offering squash racquets, balls and even accessories like squash dampeners. The listing site Junglee can help you find products from brands such as Dunlop, Cosco, Tecnifibre, Artengo, HEAD, Karakal, Prince, etc. Thanks to this profusion, you can find products within any given price range. Racquets are available through sites that sell sports products online at upwards of Rs. 600, while balls can be bought for as low as Rs. 100 to 200 or more. So are you ready for your game?