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StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty

StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty

Manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment
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Overview: StarCraft 2

Strategy and cunning are two qualities required to play StarCraft and its sequels. Just like any strategy game, the trick is to manage resources while fighting off an invasion, or if you have mastered the collection of resources, then you can even conduct a successful raid and destroy the enemy while they are still building up. The StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty game is primarily seen as a Multiplayer s haven, though it does come with one of the best single player campaign stories ever told. The game is the most famous of Blizzard Entertainment s creations and rightly so, since it is one of the few games that have generated immense amounts of revenue in terms of sales and prizes alike. You play as the Rebel Leader Jim Raynor, who is an Idealist when it comes to victory or defeat. The Morality Engine used in the game will allow you to make choices during the game s progression, with immediate effects that can linger much later on in the game as well. Depending on the choices you make, the game will progress along a series of events. The PC game comes with a PEGI rating of 16, for strong language and low amounts of gore.
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Manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment
Operating System Windows

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  1.  Fast-paced RTS 28 June, 2013 On
    Stracraft II (SC2) is the successor to the vastly popular Starcraft: Broodwar. These games revolve around managing your resources (both in and out of game) better then your opponent. Within the game, you must strive to build an army capable of conquering your opponent, while you balance controlling small sets of units to base management.

    The state of the game is constantly shifting and evolving to provide an endless multi-player experience.

    Highly recommend!
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