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Statue in the Square

Statue in the Square

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Language English
Contributor(s) Joanne St. Clair
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Statue in the Square

From the writer of naked raver and costa del social, Joanne St. Clair, comes another mind refreshing book statue in the square. Just like the other two titles. Even this one offers a deep insight to the way of living and how to change it. The protagonist in each book has a sense of living and something happens and all that changes. Statue in the square is yet another insightful book about that itself.

The book tells the reader to listen to the heart, rather than the brain when making the most important decisions of your life, and it convinces the reader through Jane Frasier, a young professional. She has everything that one would want from life and yet she finds herself craving for something much more. Her life feels despondent and empty without that something that makes it all worth. She misses out numerous days from her work just because of that nagging feeling in her mind and she can't get rid of it. She has to get the answers for her disturbance and that is she cannot make heads or tails of what is going on, she goes to her favorite place to mull things over. The place is the titular statue in the square.

It starts to rain pretty heavily and so she goes to the nearest café to wait out the rain. That is where she meets a stranger who unleashes a powerful philosophy on her that can change her entire life. He invites jane to live her life at its most authentic and exploratory. She is taken by it and decides to see it through. Over the time period of seven days, he teaches her seven mantras hidden deep inside the human soul that would free her from all her problems and if she applies them in her life, she would have them.

What are those guidelines? What could a stranger possibly tell a successful career woman that would make all her accomplishments seem futile against what he has to offer? Do you believe such things do happen in real life? Get the answers to all these and more by reading the book statue in the square by joanne St. Clair available at for a very reasonable price.

Just hit that 'Buy' button and unveil the mystery of life.

Features: Statue in the Square

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date June 21, 2010
Publisher CreateSpace
Contributor(s) Joanne St. Clair
Binding Paperback
Page Count 180
ISBN 10 1461050936
ISBN 13 9781461050933
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 213.2 grams
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 1 cm x 21.6 cm
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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Universal Intelligence Made to Understand 27 February, 2014 On
    The author is a highly qualified teacher in engineering. She is multi-faceted with an exposure in Aerospace Engineering, business and financial management, Spiritual Laws, Metaphysics, Christian Science, Meditation and Visualization Techniques.

    This book is divided into 7 chapters each having their own impact on the life of a person who feels dejected, is surrounded by negative thoughts and actions. She started with a Life Plan linking everyone’s life with their own DNA, a fixed blue print designed by GOD, for every individual, distinctly. Then the identification and differentiation of Ego-Self and True-Self with simultaneous actions of Constructive and Destructive Thinking determines one’s purpose and duties in this world. The importance of Faith, in whatever one does and his/her Imagination clubbed together can lead one to a successful and free life which later becomes a Habit to enjoy every minute aspect of life, be it positive or negative. Finally, the reader is taken through the knowledge of power of one’s inner Intuition and the need to follow the same judiciously keeps the spirits always high in pristine self esteem and lavish happiness forever.

    Positives: I personally felt that this book was written for me. I am sure every working individual filled with monotony in their job and just waiting for their retirement, feel the same way the author described in this book. A must read for such people who fear to take risk and identify their true self and ultimately want to liberate themselves from the clutches of boredom and dark futures. A very intelligent narration to keep the reader interested till the last page. Worth its price.

    Negatives: The author’s attempt to convert one from a negative attitude to a positive one did not completely materialize. But for some new terms, the gist is already available in many other books worldwide.

    My rating is 3.75 out of 5
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