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Emaira Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Platinum Finished, Beautiful Ear Ring
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Emaira Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Platinum Finished, Beautiful Ear Ring

Ring Size Free Size
Manufacturer KOT
Metal Type Silver
Gold Carat .925 Sterling Silver
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Product Description

One of the major types of earrings accepted by women is Swarovski crystal earrings. Swarovski is the kind of crystal that earring looks pretty. You will keep shopping for crystal earrings that come in all types of various styles. No lady can refuse to accept the magnetism of designer jewellery, particularly the good-looking earrings. Earrings are one of major lovely jewellery for ladies, which is timeless, stunning and unmatched in, craftsmanship, flexibility and artistry.

Earring workings can be available from various materials, such as plastic, metal, glass, valuable beads and stones and other materials. Designs range from studs to small loops to dangling items and large plates. The size is also plays an important role imperfect by the corporeal faculty of the earlobe to keep the ear ring with no tearing.

Swarovski crystal earrings are the most popular type of earring which is famous and amazing their collection of Emaira Sterling Silver is just fabulous. Emaira Sterling Silver has many Swarovski crystals joint and organized together. So that the crystal earrings look more elegant, trendy and but obvious very beautiful. Swarovski crystal earrings are available in all types' style and designs, this earring are in much popular todays among many women. The earrings are made of top-notch quality and they are delicately made. Lastly the earrings are sold in very affordable and inexpensive rates. The earring is added with rondelles in middle of the Swarovski crystals. So if you are fond of platinum crystal earrings then this Emaira Sterling Silver is the best choice for you. You can also gift for your friend or loved ones who will really appreciate you in return. Swarovski makes their own earrings. Emaira has 92.5 Sterling Silver with a amazing platinum finishing. The earring is found rare. The item also takes place with a warranty and guarantee that certify the benefit of using Swarovski crystals. Stylish and rich, Emaira Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Platinum Finished, beautiful Ear Ring is much in demand among the best crowd for their pure quality and beauty. The earrings are of rhodium colour with silver finishing, which is rare to find.

Attractive women and astonishing pieces of jewellery often go hand in hand! Weighing 4 grams Swarovski Crystal, Platinum Finished, Beautiful Ear Ring have fashioned a whip particularly over a airstrip. Along with the earring you will also get a beautiful gift box for you to decide whether to gift someone special or to keep the earring with yourself. Therefore, only one can see quite lesser products, which use a large quantity of Swarovski crystals earrings are made of perfect size and it is already a brand in making quality designs and products.

You can easily order the item through online. If you love earrings and if you are not fond of gold then you can select this product that sell online. There are many such sites and various brands who will offer various earrings and other products but Swarovski Crystal is a quality item offering you at a very cheaper price. Beautiful earrings have always trapped human mind. Shopping for earrings is a very amusing way to discover latest design and trend especially when you order from website as they give you discounted rates and variety of choices and the offers and deal that you can get from them are mind blowing. Once you visit this website you will know that the earrings are offered at very cheap discounted rates. There is no other site where you will get this item at such a low price nor you will get the same price product going to the jewellery store. The earrings are made in such a way keeping every woman in mind and heart. The earrings are made to fit every individual's budget. The prices change every other day, so it is better to keep looking out online to know whether there is an offer to attract you.

Product Features

  • 100% Hallmarked Jewellery
  • 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • Swarovsky Crystal
  • Platinum Finished
  • Gift Box
Product Details
Ring Size Free Size
Manufacturer KOT
Manufacturer Part Number EME_615
Model Number EME_615
Colour Rhodium
Metal Type Silver
Gold Carat .925 Sterling Silver
Warranty Description Manufacturer's Warranty
Warranty Type Manufacturer
Material sterling-silver
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4 grams

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