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Stern & Lowe Cover for Motorola Moto E XT1022 Premium White Logo Series Hard Back Case Cover White
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Stern & Lowe Cover for Motorola Moto E XT1022 Premium White Logo Series Hard Back Case Cover White

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Product Description

Now protect the fragile back case of the Motorola Moto E mobile phone by  using this exceptionally designed stern and lowe cover. The smart design of this back case cover will expand the longevity of your phone. The durable design of this white back case cover will protect the battery and other internal mechanism of the phone from various external damages.

Material and Design

This elegant white hard back case cover has been designed from premium quality plastic material. The use of white colour in this plastic cover makes it stylish and goes well with the graceful look of the device. Moreover, this material ensures that the back panel of the phone will stay protected from water and other types of damages.  The designers have provided the logo pf the Motorola. On this white body of the cover. The logo is black and it creates a beautiful visual contrast on the white surface of the back caser cover.

The compact design of this case cover facilitates the user to get easy access to all the buttons and panel of the phone easily. The accurate design of this white case cover helps it to fit with the size of the Motorola Moto E phone. The use of advanced technology ensures that the case cover remains away from over heating effect when you are charging or talking  over the phone for hours. The front size of this case cover has been crafted from  soft TPU material. On the other hand, the back part of this phone cover has plastic as the base material. The lightweight design of  this case cover does not add much weight to the phone. The accurate design of the cover ensures that you can grip it comfortably while travelling.


The specialty of this elegant Moto E back case cover is that, it comes in a white base. This smart design of the case enhances its overall look. Moreover, the compact design of this case helps it to fit with the body of the Motorola E phone. While protecting your device from various external damages it facilitates you to get a quick access to all the ports and buttons of the phone. Be it a requirement to make a phone call or to capture an image, the compact design of the phone helps the user to do all these tasks easily.

Being lightweight in design, the user can carry it easily. The soft internal coating of this cover eliminates the possibility of gathering moisture between the phone and the back case cover.

How to maintain

As this cover is white, you need to use it quite carefully. If you8 want to remove stains and dirt from the surface of this cover, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. This will enhance the overall look of the phone without compromising on the quality  If you are looking for this back cover to protect your phone, then buy Motorola Moto E hard back case cover online.

Key features

White colour

Easy to fit with your phone

Compact design facilitates the user to access all the ports and buttons of the phone

Lightweight design enhances the overall look of the phone

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number SLMT0008BCWHT
Model Number SLMT0008BCWHT008

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