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The Steve Jobs Way

The Steve Jobs Way

Contributor(s) Jay Elliot William L Simon
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Steve Jobs Way

In The Steve Jobs Way, Jay Elliot gives the reader the opportunity of seeing Steve Jobs as only his closest associates have ever seen him, and to learn what has made him x20acx201c and the mystique of his management style x20acx201c capable of creating tools so extraordinary that they have remade three industries and have transformed the way we create, consume, and communicate with each other. Jay Elliot worked side by side with Steve as Senior Vice President of Apple and brings us his deep insider perspective of Steves singular iLeadership style x20acx201c which encompasses four major principles: product, talent, organization, marketing. Jay shares the lessons that come out of Steves intuitive approach to show how the creative and technological brilliance of iLeadership can be utilized to drive breakthroughs in any organization, irrespective of size.SPECIFICATIONS OF THE STEVE JOBS WAY (PAPERBACK) Title:The Steve Jobs Way Author:Jay Elliot William L Simon ISBN-10:8179927687 ISBN-13:9788179927687 Language:English Binding:Paperback Publisher:Jaico Publishing House Publishing Year:10-05-11 Number of Pages:256
Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Contributor(s) Jay Elliot William L Simon
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 8179927687
ISBN 13 9788179927687
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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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     Not a 'do's and dont's' book...... But if you can relate will be more than helpful 2 April, 2013 On
    If you ask people about the might receive a lot of negative comments on this book.....but I would rather like to call it 'their mistake in pre-visualizing'.....this is not Steve's biography or Autobiography.....this is a particular view of Steve's close friend and his psychological advisor in his tenure during Apple Co. as a vice-president of the same, Jay Elliot......on how steve react to certain things....or 'problems' (a better word) and derive the solutions for the's all about how Steve manages the same.....good for people who are psychologically strong enough to derive the 'do and dont's' from a master.....and good for easy read (fans) doesn't point like normal business books...."do this and that for success" al.....but who can grab the inner motive....takes it all....and believe's helpful and eases out few of your own dealings.....

    There's a say.....few stuffs have been cleared by masters and you got to learn from it, expriment with it, and Implement it (if positive) or Discard it (if negative) just saves time from experimenting it from the zero level.....there's a lot more new stuffs you got to experiment (from zero) rather than experimenting what's already experimented before.....

    For those with hillarious negative comments....."This book is much much better (not awesome ofcourse)"......"and"....."if you found it deceptive.....maybe this is not the right book for you.....or whatever you are looking for.....I mean....the straight forward one....(you understood).....alike the books of law suits.......'do's and dont's"...... ((-_^))
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