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DMG Stitched Faux Leather Flip Cover S View Case for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 + Matte Screen + Bonus DMG Wristband
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DMG Stitched Faux Leather Flip Cover S View Case for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 + Matte Screen + Bonus DMG Wristband

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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is one among the premium models from Samsung which have a bigger screen size. It is also one of the biggest phones in the mobile phone market now. For better protection of big sized phones, flip covers are best. What makes it special from other flip covers is that, it is made from premium quality Italian leather which gives it an elegant look. It meets the quality of the phone. It also has a big slot in front of it which will be very helpful for the users. We do not need to open the flip cover frequently to check the caller details, message details etc. There are also slots for camera, camera flash, volume buttons, battery charger, headphones etc. It also protects the phone from liquids, dirt's, dusts etc from entering the phone. The lightweight leather make sure that, it can be easily removed from the phone without leaving any marks on its body. It means that it is scratch free. Other major advantage of this flip cover is that, it perfectly fits into the body of the mobile phone without causing any issues to its slim structure. If we put our phone into our pockets we cannot feel any extra weight to it. The side portions of the flip cover are made from premium quality plastic. It makes sure that the phone is protected from accidental falls and prevents damages causing due to that. It also gives a great grip to the phone. Since big sized phones have more chances to fall from our hands, those grips will prevent it. So to give all kind of protections to bigger phones which are above 5inch, flip covers do the best.

High quality DMG Matte Screen

This product comes with a high quality matte screen which is included in the package. It provides an extra protection to the mobile phone screen. It protects the screen from glare, dust, dirt's, bacteria's etc. It also kills minute bacteria's, which usually develop inside the phone. The advantage of matte screen from clear screen is that, no finger prints will be visible for the users. Also it lasts longer than clear screens. Even after removing it from the screen, it will not leave any marks like ordinary screen guards. It is because of the superior quality raw materials used for its making. Another thing is that, matte screens are completely free from bubble formation. Usually if we do not fix the screen guards properly in our screens, there are high chances of forming bubbles. This problem does not exist in case of matte screens. The sunlight visibility will be also better because of a special method used in its making. It also protects our eyes against ultra violet rays which generate from the mobile screens thus giving relaxation for our eyes.

DMG Wristband

Another product which comes along with this flip cover is a brand new DMG Wristband. It is made from superior quality material. We can wear it along with all kind of clothing's and also kind of occasions. You do not need to spend any extra amount for this awesome wristband. This eye catching wristband comes along with the DMG flip cover free of cost.

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