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The Story of Facebook

The Story of Facebook

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Language English
Contributor(s) Sara Gilbert
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Story of Facebook

The year was 2008, and Mark Zuckerberg was officially the youngest billionaire in the world. In four years, this Harvard dropout did the impossible: created an online platform to bring the whole world a little closer. The Story of Facebook is this young man�s journey from obscurity to international fame, as he designed the world�s most famous social networking sites. The book has been written by Sara Gilbert and explains how Mark Zuckerberg set out to build something substantial that would make a change in the world, but ended up creating a billion-dollar company.

The genius billionaire is also a philanthropist and is known for his charitable work. Zuckerberg, with four others, set out to start a revolution and today, everyone in the world is connected to each other through the wonderful portal of Facebook.

The story of Facebook is one of triumphs, where the age-old ideology that you need to have a proper degree and former education to achieve something in life is turned upside down to show that nothing can stop young, brilliant minds from achieving their full potential. This story is told beautifully by Sara Gilbert in this book as she tries to motivate other young minds to scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Sara Gilbert is a renowned actress, who is most noted for her quirky characters and her vegan lifestyle. She has authored several books including The Imperfect Environmentalist and Play It Loud! Her books are used as a means to inspire the younger generation to think for themselves and also about the nature while at it. Sara Gilbert�s dynamic energy is evident in all her writing, and hence many people today follow her work religiously.

Comprising 72 pages, The Story of Facebook has been published by Jaico Publishing House. The book is available in paperback and has an ISBN 10 number of 8184954387, and an ISBN 13 number of 9788184954388. So order it online today to get a real life account of events that culminated into the augmentation of Facebook.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date June 25, 2013
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Contributor(s) Sara Gilbert
Binding Paperback
Edition 2013
Page Count 70
ISBN 10 8184954387
ISBN 13 9788184954388
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