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Strip Me Bare (My True First Time & Best Dirty Talk Married Adult Real Hot Sex Stories Book 1)
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Strip Me Bare (My True First Time & Best Dirty Talk Married Adult Real Hot Sex Stories Book 1)[Kindle Edition]

Language English
Contributor(s) Mia Perry
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Strip Me Bare

<b>*** One Time Promotion Special: Only $2.99 for $11.96 Total Book Value</b> <br><h1>1. I Study Condoms</h1> <br>Sophie is working with Dr. James Lewis on his "revolutionary research" for condoms. But they had a hard time to find volunteers. So..., they decide to <b>sacrifice their <i>very own</i> bodies</b> for that "pure scientific research". Like this: <br> <br>--------------------------------------- <br>"So," My heart races like crazy. "What are we going to do today?" That means "How are you going to f**k me today." <br> <br>"No rush," James gives me a standard, university professor smile. <br> <br>I look at him and smirk. <i>'No rush?' You liar. You are in a big rush.</i> <br> <br>"What?" He asks me. "What's so funny?" <br> <br>"Nothing." I say. <i>Don't tell me you don't know 'what's so funny.' Your c**k. Man. It stands so high.</i> <br> <br>--------------------------------------- <br> <br>For an excerpt of this steamy story, <b>Download A Sample Now!</b> <br> <br><b>Warning:</b> <br>This sinfully sexy 8,300 word tale is <b>not</b> for the faint of heart! It contains <b>Forbidden Erotic Lust</b>, which some may find offensive. Reader discretion advised. <br> <br><b>Check Inside the Book Now and See What's Going to Happen Next!</b> <br> <br><h1>2: Viagra Attack</h1> <br><b>"What? A <u>Fingering Room</u> in college building?"</b> <br>Emilie and I are besties since kindergarten. We share everything - including boyfriends. But this time I'm not going to share my new boyfriend with her because he is <b>her dad...
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date April 9, 2014
Contributor(s) Mia Perry
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 255
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Overall Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Cultural and Traditional Values Stripped 19 December, 2014 On
    A book of super strong adult dirty talk, that arouses every male or female as long as he/she is reading through. The book takes the reader through a variety of sexual experiences of young girls right from their school, hostel, work and strange highway encounters with physically attractive males sometimes much older than them.
    One would get the right understanding as to how far a young girl can go when it comes to satisfying her physical needs. It also gives a warning signal to those parents who have daughters studying or working, staying far off from them with respect to the kind of men they are exposed to and the potential threat that might arise in future regarding their safety, keeping in view the present trend of sexual abuses on young girls across the world. Young girls must be more careful and not just get attracted and get used to such brief physical encounters with strangers.
    The author might have earned many laurels for having written such erotic books with grand imagination but such books might pollute the thoughts of the already disturbed youth, and also the adults, making them more and more prone to abandonment of cultural values and traditions of their respective societies. The danger of replication of the stories in the book in real life is all the threat I foresee whenever such books enter the market.

    My rating is 1 out of 5
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