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Strokes and Hungers (Transactional Analysis in Bite Sized Chunks)
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Strokes and Hungers (Transactional Analysis in Bite Sized Chunks)[Kindle Edition]

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Language English
Contributor(s) Catherine Holden
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Strokes and Hungers

Transactional Analysis in Bite Sized Chunks is a series of e-booklets, each introducing a key concept in Transactional Analysis. They will help make TA accessible to all, and demonstrate how it may be applied by anyone and everyone to enhance self-awareness and personal development.<br><br>A stroke is a unit of interaction between people. Because we psychologically need interactions as we much as we physically need oxygen, the strokes we have historically received, and are receiving today, will have a massive impact on our quality of life and have helped shape who we are. By understanding strokes we will better understand ourselves and can learn to use this information to for self-improvement, personal development and to build healthy lives with healthy relationships.<br><br>Strokes are one of our most important needs, but others were identified by Eric Berne (TA's founding father). He categorized emotional hungers we need to fulfill to achieve inner harmony. By learning about them it is possible to analyze which hungers we are meeting in a healthy, functional manner, and which we are trying to meet in a way that will ultimately harm us.
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Language English
Publication Date April 20, 2013
Contributor(s) Catherine Holden
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 33
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  1.  a very strong and effective STROKE by Catherine Holder... 22 October, 2013 On
    I have been using this from past 8 months.. i didnt have much bugs in my wallet so i buyed this.After reading it i stopped considering books based on their price .. i really liked it ..the small concepts in this book explains big scenarios of life in an elegant way.. suitable for all kind of age ,especially for the young blood.. Instead of accepting everything in this book view the concepts in your own way , which rises more related thoughts to your mind and life.. If you are looking for a book which can inspire you then you can consider this in your favorites list...
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