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Strontium 2GB MicroSD Memory Card - Class 6 + Adaptor

Strontium 2GB MicroSD Memory Card - Class 6 + Adaptor

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Overview: Strontium 2GB MicroSD

Storage is always an issue when it comes to mobile phones, cameras or similar devices. With so much content to store, there is always a worry about the storage space falling short. This is because mobile phone and similar electronic devices come with limited memory space and that causes a hindrance for you to store all the media files and documents. Memory cards are a convenient, easy, and simple way to add storage space to your electronic device. Memory cards are available in classes and many sizes and they boost a mobile phone's efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, memory cards are also compatible with mobile phones and allow you to store all your necessary media files and documents without any hassle. So, if you are looking for a memory card for your mobile device, look no further, as now you can get the Strontium 2GB MicroSD Memory Card very easily. Strontium is one of the most popular and renowned brands when it comes to storage devices and memory cards and each pieces are made under stringent quality norms to provide users with top quality product that suits their purpose. This MicroSD card is no exception. Take a look at the product features before you make the purchase.

Features and Benefits of using the Strontium 2GB MicroSD Memory Card - Class 6

This Strontium microSD card comes with a number of exclusive features that make it a must have. This MicroSD Memory Card from Strontium has a convenient and sleek design that easily fits your mobile phone device without any hassle. The light in weight and compact built of this MicroSD card offers very high data transfer speed. This MicroSD card has a storage capacity of 2GB which allows you to store all your necessary files along with media files like HD movies, music games and much more.

This Strontium MicroSD card comes with class 6 rating which ensures that there will not be any kind of lag or interruption during proper data transfer. The specialty of this MicroSD card is that it is safe, durable, and also reliable. Specially designed, this MicroSD card can easily withstand rough conditions, and it keeps your data secure and safe in even in extremely adverse situations. The best part about this memory card is that it is very durable, therefore, it can function properly even when the temperature rises from 13 to 185 degrees fahrenheit and even after exposure to X-rays. This Strontium memory card is tough and comes with water-resistant and shock-resistant features. So, no matter where you are taking this memory card along, you don't need to worry about the data being lost because of any kind of physical damage to this memory card. The best part about owning this Strontium microSD card is that it can expand the memory capacity for other compatible device like mobile phones, digital camera, music players, PDAs, and other devices that come with microSD card slot. You can also use this microSD card in your digital camera so you will never require deleting any media files, documents, images or videos. This Strontium MicroSD card is perfect for plug and play and the transfer speed of the micro SD card is 6MB/s. The dimension of this product is 15 x 11 x 1 mm and it weighs around 1 gm. This MicroSD card comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty.

This Strontium MicroSD comes with a number of beneficial features and it allows you to transfer a number of media files and data to another compatible electronic device with ease. This memory card can also be used to transfer the files from your mobile device to a secondary storage location. Most of the times outdated and unnecessary data and files can easily clog up memory space of the device. So, users can move these files into permanent storage with ease. This will also help you from losing any of your saved video or photo. This memory card will also acts as a data backup if you ever break your cell phone. So, with this Strontium microSD memory card, you will never have to worry about the memory of your camera or mobile device running out.

What is in the box?

This Strontium 2GB MicroSD Memory Cardcomes neatly packaged, therefore, eliminates the chance of damage during transit. The package contains the 2GB SanDisk microSD Memory Card in a plastic case. This product is now available on the internet; therefore, you can buy 2GB MicroSD Memory Card for Mobile online and get it delivered to your home.

Key Features at a glance

2GB capacity stores

Allows you to store a number of media files, documents and apps

Exceptional speed and performance with compatible devices

Transfer speed is 6 MB/s

Class 6 speed performance

Allows you to easily organise and transfer files

Very easy to install and remove

5-year limited warranty

Product Details
Brand Strontium
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Hard Disk Size 2 GB
Memory Storage Capacity 2.00 GB

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