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Structural Geology

Structural Geology

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Paperback, January 1, 1972

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Overview: Structural Geology

The primary objective of this book is to present the basic concepts of structural geology to undergraduate students. A comprehensive coverage of important topics such as folding, joints, faults, diaperism, unconformities, impact structures, igneous rocks and geophysical methods essential for both the geologist and geophysicist is incorporated. Emphasis is laid on mathematical methods especially while dealing with mechanical principles, mechanics of folding, jointing, plastic deformations, and geophysical methods. Laboratory exercises encourage students to analyze geological problems in a wider perspective. References at the end of each chapter render the book useful to advanced readers as well. Table of Contents Structural Geology. Mechanical Principles. Description of Folds. Field Study of Folds. Office Techniques Used in Studying Folds. Mechanics and Causes of Folding. Joints. Description and Classification of Faults. Criteria for Faulting. Reserve Faults, Thrust Faults, and Overthrusts. Normal Faults. Strike-Slip Faults. Dating of Structural Events. Diapirs and Related Structural Features. Extrusive Igneous Rocks. Intrusive Igneous Rocks. Emplacement of Large Plutons. Cleavage and Schistosity. Secondary Lineation. Plastic Deformation. Impact Structures. Geophysical Methods in Structural Geology: Gravitational and Magnetic. Geophysical Methods in Structural Geology: Seismic and Thermal. Laboratory Exercises. Equal-Area Net. Index.

Features: Structural Geology

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 1972
Publisher Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited
Contributor(s) Billings
Binding Paperback
Edition 3
Page Count 624
ISBN 10 8120300599
ISBN 13 9788120300590
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 675 grams
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  1.  Its perfect book to understanding stuctural geology but 27 November, 2013 On
    Its perfect book to understanding stuctural geology but its little bit technical and you should have the basics to read this books, its a very good book for technical courses and is very easy for them.
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