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Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set
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Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set

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Overview: Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set

Women and their fetish for cosmetics will never see an end. Their love to enhance their beauty with all kinds of cosmetic products increases with each passing day. Women are always searching for new products with which they can enhance their looks and accentuate their feminine features to the best. Cosmetic brands have kept the demands of women in mind and introduce new forms of beauty products to impress their female customers. A variety of cosmetics have left women spoilt for choice and increased the sales of cosmetics to a large extent. Make up brushes are very popular as they have the benefit of applying make-up with ease and in a neat manner. Make-up brushes come in various sizes depending on their usage. If you wish to buy a set of different make-up brushes that will help you apply your make-up easily then you can opt for this make-up brush set by Studio Basics. Buy this Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set and receive it at your doorstep.

Product features:

If you wish to own a make-brush set that would suit your needs then nothing could get better than this set. This set of brushes include 4 that are used for different kinds of make-up application. The brushes include a brush for applying foundation, a full coverage concealer brush, an eye shadow brush and a bronzer brush. Each brush has been designed with precision to fulfil its purposes and give you the best makeover possible that would fetch you a number of compliments. Designed with professional precision and fineness, these brushes are sure to impress you with the wonders they would do to accentuate your beauty. The foundation brush is long with flat bristles and has a tapered end. Applying foundation needs to be done with finesses in order to make your skin tone look even. You need to put a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and pick up some with the brush. You should start applying the make up in the centre of your face and then move the brush in even stroke to apply it all over your face in a neat manner so that the foundation blends into the skin with ease and gives you perfectly glowing skin. Use the tapered end of the brush in order to blend the make-up into the difficult areas of your skin, such as the nose and hairline. The concealer brush is full and rounded with fluffy bristles. You should use the concealer brush to dab concealer under your eyes and remove the dullness that is caused due to tiredness. You should start from the inner corner of your nose to the opposite corner and blend the concealer around the edges to get an even skin tone. The eye shadow brush is used for the application of eye shadow. It is a small, soft brush that has a rounded angle tip. Use it gently along your eye lids and blend it into the creases of your eye folds on the upper and lower eye lash lines. Use it with care in order to prevent the brush from entering your eyes. Dab the brush gently and apply the eye shadow evenly. Bronzers are used to darken the complexion in a subtle manner in order to highlight areas such as the cheekbone and jaws. The bronzer brush is a fluffy brush with a rounded top. You should swirl the brush in light and even coats in order to build up the colour to the exact amount that you wish. Use very light strokes and achieve best results. Follow these simple make-up applying rules with the brushes and give yourself the perfect makeover for your upcoming wedding and party season. These make-up brushes are sure to give you impressive results and fetch you a number of compliments with the job they do to highlight your features. Make this Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set a part of your cosmetic kit and look your best.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Studio Basics

The brushes are hand cut for proper application

The white hair of the bristles allow for the easy application of make up

Achieve professional make up results and look your best.

Shop online for this Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set and give yourself a beautiful makeover.

Features: Studio Basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set

  • Brushes are hand-cut for expert application
  • White hair makes it easy to see makeup for perfect application
  • Set includes all you need to apply mineral or regular makeup like a professional: Foundation/Powder Brush, Full Coverage Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blush and Bronzer Brush
Product Details
Manufacturer Paris Presents Incorporated
Manufacturer Part Number 4177193
Brand Studio Basics
Model Number 2137
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 10 cm x 2.2 cm x 14.3 cm

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