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Brand New Stylish Design 3.5mm In Ear Earpod Earphones Heands-free Headphone with Mic & Volume Control For Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

Brand New Stylish Design 3.5mm In Ear Earpod Earphones Heands-free Headphone with Mic & Volume Control For Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

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Product Description

Are you looking forward to buying amazing headphones for yourself or for a friend but your budget is low? Then look no more! The Samsung Earphones feature everything that one looks in an earphone. These headphones not only produce brilliant sound quality but you can also carry anywhere without any hassle. Feel extremely stylish with this outstanding pair of Samsung's headphones.


This new age headphone fits in perfectly, unlike other circular headphones; the headphones are mostly determined by the ear's geometry. These headphones sport an ergonomic design; therefore they fit in more comfortably in your ears. . These earphones come in a stylish black colour, giving you a trendy look while wearing them.  The earphones are labelled with "L" and "R". These are extremely lightweight headphones as their dimensions are only 18 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.7 cm and they weigh 9 gm, thus they are easy to be carried around anywhere you go. The headphone cups are very good in quality and extremely durable; thus lasting for years! The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been engineered to minimise sound loss and maximise sound output. Therefore you can now listen to music on low volume in noisy environments. This shall ensure that you do not suffer from hearing loss or any other ear related ailment. This earphone comes with volume control, microphone, built in remote. This way you can pick up incoming calls while listening to music without having to touch your phone even once this pair of headphones will make you look quite stylish and trendy. Order these headphones as soon as possible!


These headphones have some brilliant features, to say the least. The headphones have the standard 3.5mm jack that helps you connect to most MP3 players, Smartphones, portable DVD players, iPods, iPads, tablets, computers or laptops. . The length of the cord is long enough for you to access your music device without too much hassle. You can keep your MP3 player or phones at a distance without feeling a tug. The headphones are extremely lightweight, therefore making it easy for you carry it around in your pocket and it won't take up much space in your bag either. The headphones have a noise cancellation system that helps you to cancel out ambient noise, thus making these headphones better than many other battery powered bulky headphones. So you can enjoy your favourite songs without cranking it up to an obnoxious volume level avoiding a serious injury to your ears. The headphones are made up of a durable material therefore making it scratch resistant and strong. So, if you want to give your loved one a special present but you are falling short on money, go for the Samsung Earphones. Now, you can shop online Samsung's headphones from the comfort of your home.


The Samsung Ear pod headphones let you listen to your favourite tracks; thanks to its brilliant sound quality. It has a brilliant impendence, which produces crystal clear sound. Listen to your favourite songs and experience brilliant sound quality with these headphones. These Samsung Earpod headphones will give you a brilliant experience while listening to music.  Buy these headphones online now and you will find them at doorstep in no time!

Maintenance and Warranty

You are advised to keep it away from magnets as it may have a negative effect on the headphones. You can also maintain your headphones by not listening to music too loudly. Do not use these headphones on a stereo that is not designed for them. Do not leave the headphones on the ground or out of sight, anyone might walk on them resulting in damage. Try avoiding bass frequencies too low for your headphones. Also try avoiding sharp pulls on the headphones. While cleaning the headphones use a dry soft cloth. These headphones carry a 1-year manufacture warranty which tends to cover all the manufacture defects. With very little to maintain buy these hassle free ear pod headphones now! Buy online Samsung's Ear Pod headphones soon and experience a brilliant sound quality.

About the Brand

Samsung is a South Korean multi-national conglomerate. Samsung is known for its electronics, especially their mobile phones and headphones. It is in fact the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and Smartphones. 

These headphones are brilliant and have been brilliant sound quality. Buy Samsung Galaxy S Duos Earpod headphones online now and you shall not be disappointed.

Product Features

  • Type of Headset :Open back
  • Headset Design Ear-bud
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • Color :White
Product Details
Manufacturer Generic
Brand Generic
Model Number ETHF2001
Colour Name WHITE
Technical Specification
Special Features in-ear
Connectivity Technology wired-3.5mm single pin
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 18 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.7 cm

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