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S D Stylish Women Handbag Black
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S D Stylish Women Handbag Black

Brand S.D
Colour Black
Material Cotton
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Product Description

Handbags are supposedly the most essential and stylish accessories for omen. There is no woman in this world that does not use a handbag. Whether big or small women needs handbag like they need their shoes. Bags have always been a part of women's accessory for generations and with time, the design, shape and style of these handbags has undergone various changes to suit the need of women of all ages and type. Some likes to have big spacious handbags while others would be quite content with a mini purse or a clutch. Most of the women have a good collection of handbags for every occasion and also according to the dresses and shoes that they wear. Handbags are also a part of your styling.

Handbags are also required for more useful purposes than just style. For working women handbags are very essential to keep and carry all their important things every day. Usually handbags that are taken to work are somewhat bug in size so as to facilitate space for keeping things. Even for new moms, a big handbag serves for keeping their baby's essentials. So if you are search of a handbag that is spacious as well as stylish then you can check out the S D Stylish Women Handbag Black. This is a handbag that is spacious, convenient, comfortable and useful.

About the Product

The S D Stylish Women Handbag Black is meant for women who are looking for a spacious bag that will fit in their things properly. This handbag has been especially designed to give today's woman a sense of style as well as a utility product. The bag is rectangular in shape with three major compartments. These three compartments are zippered to keep your things safe inside. The main compartment is in the middle secured with a stainless steel zipper. The handbag also has two side pockets that come with a feminine design. The handles have rounded edges and come in a standard height. The handbag has a very clean and no nonsense kind of a style for everyday use. The look is quite formal and thus you can use it for your work too.

The S D Stylish Women Handbag Black is made from high quality rexine and thus it is very soft and lightweight. The black shinning rexine makes it look very smart and classy. The bag is very handy and can be used regularly. It is durable and fitted with stainless steel zipper. The dimension of this handbag is 34x14x26 cm.

Key Highlights

Design: Formal

Colour: Black

Material: Rexine

Closure: Stainless Steel zippers

Care and Price

The S D Stylish Women Handbag Black is quite easy to maintain. This handbag is made from rexine and thus all you need to do is wipe it with a soft cotton cloth once in a while to the dust away. You may also use a polish to keep the rexine smooth and soft for long. This handbag is for daily use and thus it comes with a durable built. You can use this bag for many years if you keep it properly. The price of this handbag is amazingly low considering its size and style.

About the Brand

The brand S.D is an online seller that sells different kinds of utility things. Apart from handbags, the brand offer different types of pouches, carrying bags, wallet, shoes, flashlights, laptop bags, carry cases, arrangers and many other things that you require for office and home. All their products are procured following strict quality checks so that they can offer the best quality at affordable prices. The prices of their products are not only reasonable but they are quite affordable too. In order to buy online the S D Stylish Women Handbag Black you can check out the web.

Product Details
Brand S.D
Colour Black
Target Audience Women
Material Cotton

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