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Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05

Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05

Lowest online price: 5,500
Compatible Devices CFL's, LED Lights/Bulb, Mobile/Tablet/Cordless Charging, DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers
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Product Description

Power cuts and load shedding has been a very common complaint in different parts of the country. Be it urban areas or rural lands, frequent power cuts can be extremely annoying, especially when you are in the middle of some work. For home purpose, having a small and handy inverter can be of great help. It can not only combat the problem of power cut but also save energy at the same time. With an inverter, you need not light up the whole house. You can simply choose to light up one or two important areas of the house so as to avoid excess power consumption. Inverters are commonly used in households these days. As such, latest ranges of inverters are being designed to help people address the cause of power cuts in their homes in odd times of the day and night. This Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05 by Subitron is a powerful device that can be easily used for running LED bulbs and lights, CFL tube, portable speakers. DC mini fans, multi optional sockets for charging cordless phones, tablets or mobile phones etc.

Powerful and easy to use, the Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05 is one of the finest inverters that come packed with a lot of interesting features. It is a mobile inverter that can be carried to any part of the house and will surely light up your house almost anywhere and anytime. It supports constant power backup to make sure that your house is never short of power. Whenever you need power in the event of a sudden power cut, you can just switch it on and let it work fine. It is a very compact inverter that comes with the best quality in built EXIDE Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery with 12V 7Ah power and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty. Because it a portable inverter that looks smart and supports excellent functions, you can use it for your offices, home, godown, shops, four wheeler vehicles and other necessary places. It has been specially designed for charging system, which ensures that the battery charges really fast and even increases the lifespan or longevity of the battery. As a result, you will have an inverter with increased battery life too.

If you are really fed up because of constant electricity failure in your area, you should consider the Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter. This particular model has excellent features and portability, which makes it a really smart device to use. You can now carry this powerful product in your vehicle and take it anywhere you like. Once it has been charged, it will surely support a longer battery life than you can even think of. Durability is a major cause of concern when it comes to the choice of inverters. With this Subitron inverter that is smart and portable, you can easily carry and maintain power at any corner of the house or even when you are going outdoors. Because it is portable and small, it becomes easier to handle this inverter with ease. As a matter of fact, almost everyone can use it very easily without any complains. You can also now Buy Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05 online.

This Subitron portable inverter is very useful and fits your restricted budget too. It has no maintenance costs and the best part is that it comes with EXIDE battery. Now, there are very few inverters that give you the EXIDE battery feature, which is very important and the USP of this device. If you need an inverter at home, just go ahead and shop Subitron CFL Smart Portable Inverter Model-05 online. You will be pleased to know more about the features of this excellent inverter and the price that you can get online. Indeed, it will be a sheer pleasure to bring home this season and get rid of frequent power cuts forever. It is a smart device that will give you no hassle.

Product Features

  • Electricity Power cuts is the common problem in India. Get this CFL UPS Smart Portable Inverter-45W which you can use to run CFL tubes , LED lights/Bulbs , DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers. Multi Optional Sockets to charge Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless Phones etc.
  • It's a moveable easy to carry inverter that gives you light anytime and anywhere you go as It has constant power backup.
  • Very compact with inbuilt best quality EXIDE SEALED MAINTENANCE FREE (SMF) Battery of 12V 7 Ah with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Easy to carry smart portable inverter very useful product for HOME, OFFICES, SHOPS, GODOWNS & FOUR WHEELERS.
  • Specially designed charging system, fast charges the battery and increase battery life.
Product Details
Manufacturer Subitron
Brand Subitron (An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Co.)
Model Number 05
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features Five LED Light Indicators For Low Battery, Overload, Charging, UPS ON, Mains ON, // MOSFET Based Digital Technology (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor), // Good Quality Sockets, Switches & Fuse, // Inbuilt Maintenance Free EXIDE SMF Battery, // Compact , Light Weight & High Efficiency, // Digital Controller Base Design, // Dynamic and Intelligent three stages that quickly charge the battery reduce electricity bill and increase battery life, // All the components used for manufacturing are "MADE IN INDIA", // Battery Deep Discharge And Overcharge Protection., // Zero Battery Discharge During UPS Standby., // SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Charger, // Ensure Long Battery Life, // In Case of No Electricity, Inverter Turns On If Power Switch On., // Dual IC SMPS Based Technology Which Can Operate Between 90V-300V., // Compatible With 12V 7Ah / 7.2Ah / 7.5 Ah (SMF) Battery., // Supports 4 - 10W CFL/LED (Not included), Only one CFL/LED can connect on inbulit holder, rest other needs to be connected with wires/holders. Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless can connect with their chargers., // Auto Reset Feature & Fuse Protection, // Multi Optional Sockets, // Eco Friendly Product
Compatible Devices CFL's, LED Lights/Bulb, Mobile/Tablet/Cordless Charging, DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers
Battery Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid

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