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Sukam Inverter Fusion 2500 VA

Sukam Inverter Fusion 2500 VA

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Product Description

Built with the most advanced DSP Sine Wave Technology the Fusion series of commercial UPS and inverters from Sukam are the most advanced products in this category presently available in the Indian market. Providing an uninterrupted flow of 100% pure sine wave power it is the perfect way of avoiding power cut hassles. As a matter of fact, the quality of power supplied by the Sukam Fusion series sine wave inverters is purer by the power supplied from the mains and you will find that your appliances are running without making the noise that is normal with most inverters available in the market.

The Sukam Inverter Fusion 2500 VA is a perfect solution for running all your household appliances during a power cut and it will be always protecting your expensive appliances from damages caused by voltage fluctuation. With its clean, stable and distortion free pure Sine wave output - the inverter is safe for running even the most sophisticated instruments and appliances without causing slightest of damage to them.

The Fusion series of inverters from Sukam also come with an instant switchover feature to the inverter mode within a few milliseconds and hence the appliances continue to receive uninterrupted power supply even during the switchover. In the case, there is a large fluctuation in the voltage from the main supply the inverter will automatically switch over to the battery mode and thus protecting the equipments from any voltage fluctuation related damages.

The major and key features of the Sukam Inverter Fusion 2500 VA are - DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET, pure sine wave output, extra long back-up, instant switchover, user friendly alert display and LCD display, self fault detection and an advanced Over Load Management System. This 48V inverter from Sukam also comes with a customized charging facility and also a Fuzzy Logic Charging Technique for protecting the battery and enhancing its life.

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Brand Sukam

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