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Sukkhi Splendid Rhodium Plated AD Stone Necklace Set For Women
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Sukkhi Splendid Rhodium Plated AD Stone Necklace Set For Women

Material Non-Precious Metal
Brand Sukkhi
Colour White
Metal Type Brass
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Overview: Sukkhi Splendid Rhodium Plated AD Stone Necklace Set For Women

With wedding season on, all women are ready to adorn themselves with spectacular ornaments. A traditional designed necklace set is all you need to finish that authentic appeal to your look. So, you can now shop online Australian Diamond Studded Rhodium Plated Necklace Set by Sukkhi and be ready to steal away all breaths.

Product description

This uniquely crafted rhodium plated necklace set is perfect for any occasion. This necklace is being crafted with zinc casting and embellished with Australian diamonds in CAD/CAM design giving it the look of real diamonds. This necklace set is being given Rhodium plating which adds that extra sparkle incorporating elegance and style. The zinc casting makes the jewelry durable because of its exceptional strength and cost effectiveness. This elegant necklace set is plated with a rare silvery white chemically inert metal, namely Rhodium. Rhodium is a fragile metal that comes from the platinum family. This necklace is made in a traditional design of floral and dropping leaves. A big stone occupies the centre along which a flower pattern is crafted and then the bottom of the length of the necklace is crafted with leaf design and the upper portion forms a line of studded ADs. A tear drop falls from the bottom of the centre flower. The earrings belong to dangler group which will come till the half of the length of the neck. Tub is crafted in a floral look followed by a conical pattern which gradually takes the shape of a blooming flower with a big stone in centre and a tear drop following the flower. Finally the Mangtika is also crafted in a conical floral design followed by a tear drop. The total set is studded with finely designed Australian diamonds. The floral design and the rhodium plating give the set an antique finish. The necklace set is 14 cm and the earring is 7 cms each and the necklace weighs about 100 gm thus making it easy to carry.

Key features

The necklace set is made of Zinc casting and sports an antique look.

The necklace is rhodium plated which gives it an elegant finish.

The set is studded with CAD/CAM design Australian Diamond which gives it the look of real diamonds.

Light weighted and perfectly shaped to sit on the neck properly.

Style tip

You can surely wear this set in a wedding function or other festivities. You can team this up with a gorgeous sari to get that traditional look. You can even use each piece separately with different outfits. The earrings can add a fashionable tinge to your western dresses too. Thus this spectacular necklace set will be a valuable addition to your collection of ornaments.

Care and maintenance

Your rhodium plated necklace set will need a careful handling to ensure longevity of the necklace set. Rhodium plating eventually fades and need to be re-plated. Yellowing of the rhodium plating is a sign to look out for as an indication for cleaning. The cleaning can be done at home with ease by following certain specifications. Firstly you need to soak the necklace set in a bowl of water mixed with mild soap. You need to soak the necklace set for about 10 minutes, but be careful not to overdo it. After soaking, rub the necklace set with your fingers to remove the dirt or makeup on the necklace set. It is recommended not to use toothbrush as it might have some residues of toothpaste which is harmful for the product. After the necklace set is thoroughly rubbed, wash the necklace set in lukewarm water and rinse carefully to remove the soap completely.

If you have hard water supply, be sure to use distilled or boiled water as the usage of hard water will leave water marks on the necklace set. After this, properly dry your necklace set. Use a soft cloth to dry the necklace set and leave it in open to sit and air dry overnight. Do not use any hard cloth to rub your necklace set. Chemicals should never be used on your necklace set. Sonic cleaning system should also not be used. These can damage the plating. You should always remember to remove the necklace set while bathing, or using any detergent or chemical. Remove the necklace set when using crème or perfume also. It is also very important to store your necklace set properly. Be careful to wrap your necklace set in a tissue before keeping it in your jewelry box as the tissue will protect the necklace set from being scratched. Otherwise it will be best if you keep the necklace set in its box itself.

Any occasion or any gift, this necklace set is a valuable buy for any women. You can buy online Australian Diamond Studded Rhodium Plated Necklace Set by Sukkhi and be the fashion master this season. 

Features: Sukkhi Splendid Rhodium Plated AD Stone Necklace Set For Women

  • Embellish with antique finish
  • The model is made of CAD/CAM design which gives the look of real diamond jewellery
Product Details
Material Non-Precious Metal
Manufacturer Sukkhi
Brand Sukkhi
Model Number 1067VN2000_WL
Colour White
Metal Type Brass
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 100 grams
Product Dimensions 4.5 cm x 14 cm

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