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The Sultan of Monte Cristo: Volume 2

The Sultan of Monte Cristo: Volume 2

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Language English
Contributor(s) Holy Ghost Writer
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Sultan of Monte Cristo: Volume 2

Great news for the passionate lovers of the 'Count of Monte Cristo: for those who felt they had to come over the last words of the author Alexander Dumas, the mystery ghost writer has penned down another 'Sultan of Monte Cristo'. The author has decided to put this book in continuance of his earlier books, which are famous for their prolific style of writing. So, all those adamant fans of Dumas out there, it is a masterpiece for you and once you complete this one, wait for may be the sequel of this book. Books are a person's best friends. They help you explore more about your nature by actually putting you situations you would not like to be in. It is in those circumstances that you understand yourself better and thus know your responses in different situations. It depends on interest, whether you like fiction, non-fiction, biographies and auto-biographies, classics, etc. During travelling, or may be the best way to spend time without having anyone around, books offer you a great companion and one must have some collection of evergreen stories and writings that one could read them even in later stages of their life.

About the book

The writer invigorates with the adventure laden journey of Edmond Dantes, which continues in Dumas. New life is breathed into those characters we all knew and loved (or loved to hate) in the original Count of Monte Cristo tale (what can now, finally, be referred to as Book1). Readers please free your minds of some of the old characters, as a whole lot of new characters are to be introduced in this new book by the author. The author has done a wonderful role in matching the tone, pace, richness of environment of Dumas into his new story. So, even when you are reading a new story you would be expected to connect it with some forms of the past editions of the Count of Monte Cristo.

More about the book

The book is in English and was published in 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. This is the second volume of the book and it comes in paperback with all engrossing 67 pages. The product weighs 91grams and measures 20.3 cm x 12.7 cm x 0.7 cm.

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Features: The Sultan of Monte Cristo: Volume 2

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 2, 2012
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Contributor(s) Holy Ghost Writer
Binding Paperback
Book Volume Volume 2
Page Count 67
ISBN 10 1480278416
ISBN 13 9781480278417
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 91 grams
Product Dimensions 12.7 cm x 0.7 cm x 20.3 cm
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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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  1. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
     touch my mind 9 March, 2013 On
    From my point of view I think it an amazingly creation of author. The book is not only funny buy also mysterious. Its touch my mind very deeply. I want more book like this for my happy life.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     great 9 March, 2013 On
    The author makes some awesome character which brings more interesting to the readers. It seems to know exactly what happened, what needs more definition. I am waiting for the next publication of Holy Ghost Writer.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  3.  A must read for "The Count of Monte Cristo" fan 10 March, 2013 On
    Here the author plays a very important role to create a unique story. The author’s thinking ability is very different which attracts individuals mind. When I read the book I was little much suspense.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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