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Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop

Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop

Brand Sunflame
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Overview: Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop

Faster and tastier way of cooking have become one of the necessities in today�s hectic life. Cooking at home always takes time, and everybody wants a delicious product. In today�s world, time and space have become very limited. In a limited time, one has to finish a certain amount of jobs, and in a limited space one has to fit in his/her belongings; same goes for cooking and cooking appliances. The conventional cooking on a two gas burner stove takes time and occupies lots of space, as well. This calls for a requirement of a device that can cook faster retaining the flavours and nutrition. The advances in technology have come up with the invention of induction cooktops that consume less time and space. Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop is the perfect option, in case, you are looking for a device that can make your kitchen chores easier and more comfortable. With size of this induction cooktop, one does not need huge space to prepare food.

The Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop has four powerful burners that can cook your food faster and tastier. It has a toughened glass cooktop that makes it easier for you to clean it after cooking. The powder coat sheet metal base gives the cooktop a hard, stable base that would not break easily. The burners are made of brass and thus they are highly efficient and does have a good durability. Each of the four burners has three rows of flames. This way, your food gets evenly cooked and also faster.

The Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop has four regulars on the front side of the cooktop. The burners are also evenly placed with enough spaces that it is easy for you to cook four different dishes on all of them. It gives you a comfortable area for cooking and managing four different items on all four burners. The cooktop stands on four legs that keep the cooktop on a height giving its underneath some space for air.

Sunflame is one the most renowned brands in India when it comes to home appliances. Its high tech products and innovative designs have always supported the Indian families in their kitchens. Some of its product categories are cooktops, chimneys, induction cookers, oven toast grillers, pressure cooker, room heaters, etc. You can order online the Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop and get it delivered at your doorstep. Enjoy the cooking of different dishes and not bothering of warming the first dish which you prepared after you finished prepared other dishes. Invite as many guests as you want and have a fun filled family or friend�s gathering, and enjoy the delicious meal.

Features: Sunflame 4 Burner Crystal Metal Cooktop

  • CATEGORY : Cooktops & Hobs
Product Details
Brand Sunflame
Warranty 12 Manth Manufacturer Warranty

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