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Super 8 Vibrant & Colourful Collection Of Leggings

Super 8 Vibrant & Colourful Collection Of Leggings

Brand Lyra
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Overview: Super 8 Vibrant & Colourful Collection Of Leggings

Don't you just love those leggings as it smoothly runs down your leg retracing the contour of your skin to the minute detail? The sheer feeling of freedom and comfort that comes with a legging makes it one of the most popular casual dresses in the world. It goes perfectly with any of your favorite kurtis or you can simply wear it with a casual T-shirt. Nothing goes better than a casual legging dawned with matching tees on a hot summer day. But due to the immense popularity of the product a large number of low quality products made out of cheap materials have found their way in to the market. It is hard to tell the difference by the quality of the material as all leggings are usually made out of very thin piece of clothing. But to your delights the days of your worries are over as the very well known apparel brand Lyra presents before you the Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings. Brought to you in a set of 8 leggings of 8 different colors, the amazing product by Lira is made out of pure cotton and is by far the best variety available in the market.

The Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings by Lyra has been crafted from 100 % pure cotton and designed meticulously as per your requirements and comfort is concerned. The pack has 8 leggings of 8 attractive colors, naming them Orange, Green, Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Off White and Black. The Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings is made out of the best quality of general fabric which is 100% pure cotton and clings right to your skin. The cotton is acquired from some of the best provider of raw cotton and after the immense scrutiny the entire production process has to go through any chance of rashes or irritation on your skin is thinner than the legging itself. The leggings have been designed with a medium rise with ultra comfortable elastic which holds your leggings up around your waist comfortably without leaving a mark on your tender skin. The high quality of comfortable fabric used added to the comfortable fit and the strong waist hold, the Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings is sure to be your best friend for causal usage as a regular wear, especially during the hot summer days.

Have you recently gained some weight? Are you worried that you might not fit into the Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings brought to you by Lyra? To your relief the collection of 8 different stylish leggings comes free of size. Available in 5 different sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL) the collection of super trendy leggings is sure to fit anyone willing to give it a try and that too pretty comfortably. With 8 different colors to choose from, you can mix and match the leggings with your favorite kurtis or tops and you are ready for a fun filled outing with friends, a casual stroll or any other occasion. Having been crafted from 100% pure cotton, the leggings offer high level of comfort and can very well be worn during your yoga sessions or gym classes.

Most of the leggings available in the market today are made out of low quality material. These leggings lack the standard and integrity and after the first couple of washes the material starts getting ruptured. After the first couple of times you wear them these low grade leggings are rendered unsuitable for wearing. The Super 8 Vibrant Colorful Collection of Leggings presented before you by Lyra is made out of the finest material and comes with intense wash care that provides active protection to the material against the action of detergents. The collection of leggings is perfectly suitable for machine wash or hand wash. While buying makes sure that you are getting the best deal available online.

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Brand Lyra

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     Please don't buy 22 February, 2015 On
    Quality of product is very bad...and the colours are completely different from what has been order. No action has been taken for return.....never buy from biggcart
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