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Superheadz Necono Digital Cat Monitor Ground Powershovel

Superheadz Necono Digital Cat Monitor Ground Powershovel

Colour Black
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Overview: Superheadz Necono Digital Cat Monitor Ground Powershovel

The fans of SHIRO digital cat can finally rejoice. Finally Superheadz have come up with an LCD monitor the adorable kitty cat. The Superheadz Necono KURO and SHIRO Digital Cat Cameras are some of the most popular cameras around. These digital cameras are shaped exactly like cats and let you take some amazing candid pictures of family and friends. No one really expects that the adorable toy cat you are holding is really a digital camera. With this new monitor that confusion is going to be over. Fans of the SHIRO and KURO have long complained about the absence of the viewfinder in this amazing device. Although a view finder does make it very obvious that it is a digital camera, the pictures and ease of shooting will make you forgive all its flaws. If you already have a digital cat camera then you already know all the features and how funny it is. With the new monitor you will know exactly what you are clicking.

Now the perfect view finder

This monitor is compatible with all the digital cat cameras and makes up for the lack of viewfinder. No more anticipating what the picture will look like or old school photography where you only get to see the picture once developed. Now you do not have to wait till you plug in the camera to a computer or laptop. View the pictures the instant you take them. The LCD screen is perfect for reviewing pictures and videos. Now you will be able to delete the pictures that are not useful, this way you save space on the external memory card and hence you will be able to take more pictures and videos all through the day. Say good bye to carrying extra memory cards or having to stop shoot because you have run out of memory. It is simply frustrating if you find a beautiful scene and your camera does not have enough storage. With the Digital Cat Monitor you will know exactly how much space is left and whether you need to delete something to make more space. You can also delete old videos and pictures that you do not need any more.

Looks great with the camera

Just like the digital cat the monitor also comes in a vibrant colour. The one available is in bright yellow and perfectly complements your pet toy cat. Whether you have the white, black or stripped cat the monitor latches to it and does not look out of place. The camera designed by Lisa Larson the Swedish born developer presently working out of Japan blends in perfectly with this new accessory. So much so, that it still looks like an adorable toy. Now it is time to use the digital cat camera as any other day to day use camera. Of course you can easily detach the monitor to go back to the old way of shooting. Especially if you want to use the magnetic paws of the cat and record some quirky images and videos. You can go through the menu and other options to get the best out of your digital cat cameras. No more guesswork. Now you will be able to control the settings on the camera just the way you want to.

This is an excellent accessory for your cat camera and will make it more useful. You can place your order from the various online stores but o you get the best prices and discounts. You also get to compare the prices and deal directly with the seller. There is an option that will take you directly to the Digital Cat Monitor seller's webpage. Alternatively you can pay though the shopping portal suggested on the website. The camera accessory will be shipped straight to your address and you can also go hrough the seller's terms and conditions to find if they provide fast and easy returns.

Product Details
Brand Superheadz
Model Number SHIRO
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes

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