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Superheadz Necono KURO Digital Cat Camera Powershovel

Superheadz Necono KURO Digital Cat Camera Powershovel

Colour Black
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Overview: Superheadz Necono KURO Digital Cat Camera Powershovel

Always been curious about cats? Do you find these creatures mysterious and fascinating? Ever wondered how the world appears through their eyes? If the answer is yes then you should go ahead and get the Necono KURO Digital Cat Camera by Superheadz. It can get you inside the head of a cat albeit a plastic one. The adorable plastic toy also doubles up as a camera. So now you will be able to see through the eyes of a cat. You can take pictures from the same angels and floor height as a cat would. This model is the second to the previous Digital cat Camera by the same manufacturer. Instead of the white cat this one is completely black and looks more adorable. You will be able to click pictures of people who are not expecting a camera. When you point a toy cat at people's faces their expression and reaction is something worth capturing. Some of them will be amused while some might even think you are a loony tune. Do not hesitate, just press the button on the cat's belly and let your little pet do the clicking. The lens is embedded inside one of the eyes of the cat while inside the other one is the image sensor.

Get creative and innovative

Like the previous model this one also does not have a viewfinder. Given the design it is impossible to incorporate a view finder without compromising the ingenuity of the device. So without a viewfinder you will be shooting blind initially but with a little practice you will be able to shoot flawlessly with this camera. After a few trail and errors you get an idea what your kitty is looking at and then frame the picture accordingly. Also you slowly start to enjoy the anticipation. It builds up because you will get to see the pictures only after you have connected the camera to a PC. With time you will learn to forgive the adorable cat for its shortcomings and just like a real cat the KURO Digital Cat will grow on you. This one has magnets attached to its paws so you can stick it to metal surface. This gives you the chance to shoot from some crazy angels. You can shoot completely inverted videos by attaching it upside down to the fan blades, you can even tilt it from certain hard to reach locations and get amazing footage. Show your creativity to the full extent with the KURO Digital Cat.

Watch the world go by

Lisa Larson is the creator of this adorable pet cum functional device. The Swedish born designer works out of Japan and is also responsible for the previous models of the Digital Cat. The camera stores the images into an external memory device. There is no internal memory and you need a micro SD card for shooting pictures and video. In terms of performance it is quite reliable, with a decent image sensor and a better image processor than other models. There is provision for a 3x zooming and you can also toggle between modes. However you have to identify the modes by the colour of the little LED light. You may get confused or make mistakes initially but you will get accustomed to the features. You can leave the camera to click pictures every second. This is very helpful if you want remote surveillance or you can simply use it to watch the world go buy. You can create some interesting collages and picture collection using this feature. You can also click pictures using the self timer mode. This is useful for the selfie loving generation and all you have to do is set the number seconds after which the shutter goes click. You can find the Superheadz Necono KURO Digital Cat Camera Powershovel at a few select web stores. If you are looking for a bargain try You will get to compare prices and get the best deals online.

Product Details
Brand Superheadz
Model Number KURO
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes

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