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Supernatural: Season One (English)[DVD]

Supernatural: Season One (English)[DVD]

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Product Description

If you are one of those who enjoy watching some high-end supernatural movies, then you must watch the Supernatural: Season One. The series of Supernatural were created by Eric Kripke and these later happened to the most-watched and the most popular of the American television series, which was initially hired for the first time on the 13th of September 2005. This very first season of Supernatural can be named as "The Creepy, The Demented and The unexplained and The Unearthly." The last episode was hired on the 4th of May on 2006, and it was a complete series of 22 episodes. The Supernatural: Season One was the only season which was aired on the WB Television network and its subsequent ones were aired on The CW Television Network. The initial 16 episodes of Supernatural: Season One was aired don the Tuesdays at about 9pm ET and later was rescheduled to Thursdays. The main leads characters of this season, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester were played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

The episodes

The Supernatural: Season One was of sixteen episodes and each of the episodes had a different plot altogether. This is what it makes very interesting to watch. In the very first episode, we find that both Sam and Dean Winchester are trained by their father, and he makes them efficient with the skills needed to hunt supernatural creatures. Later they see that their father disappears mysteriously while hunting a demon that had killed his mother years back. The episode thus unfolds with the two leads hunting the demons, and so do the rest of the episodes. The writers of the Supernatural: Season One often picked up the stories from the various urban legends, but they also tried to spin in their stories for each and every episode. For example, we can find that the episode of "Hook Man" had borrowed some of the scenes from the well known urban legend by the name vanishing hitchhiker. They borrowed just a few elements and later added poltergeist elements.

The Filming

The filming of the first episode was done in Los Angeles but later of the episodes was mostly filmed in Vancouver. Many of the local sites were used as the locations for shootings and the "Dead in the Water" episode took place in Buntzen Lake and also the climax of the episodes took place at "Wendigo".

The Music

The very famous orchestral score of this season was one composed by Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska. They also composed tracks on the visuals of each episode. Apart form these scores, the series also made use of some of the rock songs which were mainly picked up from the Kripke's collection. If you have missed watching the season one of Supernatural, then do not worry. You can now buy online the DVD of The Supernatural: Season One and enjoy all the 16 episodes one by one.

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Format DVD
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  1.  awesome series 23 November, 2013 On
    This is the fantastic show based on damons and angels. Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester are the real heroes of this series. I like the way they fight against the damons. Hypothetical concepts based tv series. It has some interesting thoughts such as heaven and hell. Every thing looks like an real. Must watch series..!!
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