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Supernatural: Season Two (English)[DVD]

Supernatural: Season Two (English)[DVD]

Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
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Product Description

Supernatural: Season Two (English)[DVD] is here to entertain and intrigue you. The DVD comes with season two of paranormal series Supernatural. The show is based on the life of Sam and Dean who lost their mother in a mysterious way. They are raised by their father who teaches them about paranormal forces. The story goes through many ups and downs and keeps its viewers on the edge. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride with this high-quality DVD.

Compelling Story LineSupernatural: Season Two (English) [DVD] presents Supernatural, a wildly popular show that is an intriguing mix of suspense, thrill, and mystery. The show's second season focuses on its two main characters, Sam and Dean. It follows their quest to capture Azazel, who is responsible for their mother's death. They are amply assisted by a journal left by their father. In their journey to find the killer of their parents, they also attempt to save other people's lives. It also deals with various human emotions as it explores the bonding between Sam and Dean. The season sidetracked a little from its first season and was more comprehensive. The tightly woven stories kept the viewers guessing about the future course of action for the story. Overall, it is an entertaining experience with various elements of a thriller.

Supernatural: Season Two (English) [DVD] brings 22 episodes of second show on one single DVD. This DVD lets you enjoy the show without any commercial break. It is also good for get-togethers with your friends where you can enjoy Supernatural marathon without any breaks. The show is engaging and thrilling. It will appeal to the viewers from various walks of life. The show provides high-quality entertainment with its neat plot and compelling execution. The show is ably supported by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the lead characters of Sam and Dean, respectively. It also starred various high-profile characters such as Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal. The show had faithful following during its run on TV and you can now enjoy it at your leisure with the help of this DVD. The DVD is of high quality and will provide good service even after repeated uses. To get this product, you can place the order online.

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Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Genre TV

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  1.  drama, thrillar, action and adventurous series 23 November, 2013 On
    I love this series because it has adventure other than the regular serieses. It has funny factore of Dean Winchester. Every thing is hypothetical but you cant even find it out. Every case they search is having unusual actions. I loved it. I personally recommend this series for all. Must watch..!!!
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