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Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harper Hindi
Key Features First book by Arvind Kejriwal, star of the Anna Hazare, anti-corruption movement Book to be launched as a manifesto of the movement from the stage at Jantar Mantar during the next phase of the agitation on 28th July 2012. The book is guide to good democracy and governance Foreword by Anna Hazare Anyone sympathetic to the movement or anyone who has taken part in the movement will want to buy the book, as it shows the way forward. About the Book: Swaraj The year 2011 was defined by the Anna Hazare-led agitation against corruption. The fakir from ralegaon siddhi shook the bastions of power in Delhi to their foundations. Even the middle class and the elite, who normally confine themselves to drawing room discussions on politics, joined the movement and took to the streets. Arvind Kejriwal played a key role in this agitation. The main demand of the group was the implementation of the Lok Pal Bill. Many promises were made by the political class, but nothing much actually happene ... See more
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  1.  swaraj 22 August, 2014 On
    Swaraj is written by mr. Arvind kejriwal, its tell us about how we change india,
    read it help in change india
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