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Swastik Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer

Swastik Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer

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Overview: Swastik Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer

With the rising awareness of staying healthy, most of us have discovered the advantages of juicing. The process of juicing allows you to extract the vital enzymes and nutrients directly from fruits, leafy vegetables and a lot more by leaving the pulp and fibre behind. When you drink the concentrated juice, it gives you a lot more energy as the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body.  Keeping this factor in mind, Swastik has brought you the Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer which will make your task a lot simpler.


This Swastik Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer is made of high quality Food Grade Plastic. The vacuum features keeps the juicer attached at the base. This manual juicer has a handle that lets you operate it easily. There is a mortar shaped opening at the top where you need to place the fruit and press it with the plastic pestle. The juice flows in from the conical opening and the waste collector lets you easily collect the left over after extracting the juice.

Key highlights

This juicer is handy and comfortable to use.

It has an extra large metal feed tube which is useful for juicing whole fruit like bananas and apples.

The anti-drip system serves fresh clear juice straight from the juicer.

The vacuum base keeps the juicer firmly fixed to kitchen platform and ensures steady operation.

Since it is manual juicer you can save on the electricity bill.

Every part of the juicer is detachable which helps in easy cleaning.


If you love juices and go for the bottled juices, then you should immediately go for this Vacuum Base Fruit Juicer, which will provide you fresh and healthy juice at home. Once you drink this fresh juice you will yourself feel the difference when the nutrients enter your cells and blood streams. You are advised to drink several glasses of freshly squeezed juice daily. Juices supply your body with vital minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that detoxify your body and its major organs. This scientifically designed item makes sure that the juice and wastage, gets separated easily. Its advanced technology makes it 100% leak proof. The manual juicer is designed in such a way that it can

extract maximum juice even from hard fruits. This new age juicer is ideal for extracting juice form several fruits like grapes, pineapple, watermelon, sweet lime, orange, pomegranate etc. and also from vegetables like tomato, palak, carrot, bitter gourd and a lot more in minutes. It is one of the best appliances for making mocktails.

Why you should buy a manual juicer and not an electric one?

A hand operated juicer is relatively less expensive, fast and easier to clean as compared to an electronic juicer.

A manual juicer also gives off less heat while they operate. Since even a little bit of heat can cause enzymatic changes in fruits and vegetables, so the manual juicer is more scientific. Also a hand juicer produces less foam while extracting the juice thereby offering you smoother juice. So if you are looking for a juicer for everyday use, then shop for this Manual Fruit Juicer online today.

How to Keep the juice fresh

As soon as the juice is extracted, it immediately starts oxidizing and undergoes bacterial decomposition. Therefore, if you don't drink the juice within a few minutes should be promptly refrigerated. Never drink the juice if left outside as it starts decomposing.

Washing instructions

After you have used the juice just remove the top cover. Then with the help of a spoon remove the bulk of the pulp from the waste compartment. Since this manual juicer can be dismantled, you can clean every part with ease. Wash the outer parts with hot water. Better not use detergent unless you are juicing some oily fruit or vegetable like coconut and carrot. But make sure you cleanse the waste compartment in cold water, as hot water expands the entrapped fibers thus making them difficult to remove. A toothbrush comes handy while getting rid of some stubborn fibers. Preferably wash the parts in running water. Then air dry the same before assembling it.

So buy this Detachable Fruit Juicer online and keep your family healthy.

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