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Syska LED Bulb (White)

Syska LED Bulb (White)

Brand Syska
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Product Description

Syska presents to you Syska LED Bulb that can be installed in your garden, on the pathway, or on top of the backdoor to ensure you do not remain out of lights at night! This LED bulb will decorate your places like you would have never imagined. It's energy efficiency, brightness and the durability will surely impress you. The Syska bulb has been made with the latest technology to provide you with the best performance. Its superior quality and build makes it strong and sturdy.

Material and Design

This Syska LED bulb has a stylish design and would light up the surrounding as well as your mood with its soothing but bright light. The bulb is made of alloy and glass, which make it strong and durable. The unique design and the appearance of the product is a real treat to the eye. The parts of the bulb that are usually visible in other bulbs cannot be seen in this bulb. The glass of the bulb is non-transparent and therefore the tungsten filament, the in and out contact wires, the support wire and the stem are not visible, making this bulb look all the more stylish. The portion between the glass of the bulb and the cap or the insulation has a shuttlecock-like design that connects the two parts (the cap and the glass). The cap is silver in colour while the colour of the glass is smoky white. The dimension of this product is 30 mm x 178 mm (depth x height).


Beam angle of 270 degree

0.5W input power

Up to 80 percent energy saving

The unique and sleek design of this product will be a cynosure of all eyes. This consumer electronic product can be easily installed by anyone on a normal bulb holder. The input power of this bulb is 0.5 with an input voltage of 90-300 V AC - 50Hz. It has a beam angle of 270 degree. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the brightness of this Syska bulb. The operating temperature of this lamp ranges from -20 degree centigrade to 60 degree centigrade. The base of this bulb is B22. This bulb will save up to a staggering 80 percent of your energy. You will feel the difference once you have installed this product. It has a wide operating voltage with very low heating. Therefore you do not need to worry about facing any dire situations where the bulb might burst, due to over-heating. This eco-friendly lamp has no mercury inside, making this product truly a unique one to possess.

Usage and Application

These solar lights can be installed virtually anywhere. You can install it in gardens which will make the garden become livelier at night and makes it safe to walk at night. You can install it above your courtyard door or outside your main door so that people can make sure you are in the house! You can also install in your office to illuminate the surroundings and dark corners. If you own a restaurant or any cafe, you can install these bulbs and let your customers be impressed by the ambience you create. You can put up these lamps inside the shopping marts or in your own shop so that you do not face any difficulty while dealing with your business. If you are putting up an exhibition of arts or auctioning anything, you can use these bulbs as the spotlight. It's beautiful and soothing brightness will attract the eyes of everyone on the product which is put up for auction.

About the Brand

In 1989, the SSK Group set up its flagship company, Shree SantKripa Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Over the last two decades, the SSK Group's pursuit of perfection has made the Group a name to reckon with across numerous verticals. Today, the SSK Group has a strong foothold in the mobile, electronic appliances, variable data printing, retail, agriculture and real estate industries. The Group is looking forward to diversify even more and expansion plans will soon be firmed up.

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Product Details
Brand Syska

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